So you love your boyfriend and you really want to make the relationship work? Sometimes you need a little bit more than “just” love to make things work, especially with American singles.

  1. It increases Chances of maintaining Your Relationship

A good girlfriend wants to do all the good things that girls do to their boyfriends, and one of them is to spend quality time with him. If you prioritize communication, practice art of compromise and spend some good quality time together with your boo you will do your relationship a world of good.

With everything that goes on in people’s lives today, you can easily forget the small gestures which keep the embers of a relationship burning.

However, what most couples fail to realize is that it doesn’t require much for him to feel a little bit more valued every day. Just do the simple things and he’ll feel loved and valued.

  1. Build a secure and healthy Relationship

One characteristic of a good girlfriend is creating boundaries between you and your man. Setting boundaries together enables the two of you to have a deeper understanding of the kind of relationship you want.

Setting boundaries doesn’t mean that the two of you are trapped in a relationship, nor should it make either partner feel that he is walking on eggshells. Also, it’s not a sign of distrust or secrecy, either.

It simply means to establish what makes you feel comfortable within the relationship.

As a girlfriend, continue doing what you were doing and don’t be all over the place. Go out with your other friends without him, take part in your favorite hobbies, don’t share email or other passwords with him and respect each other’s needs and likes. In the end, you will have a much stronger relationship.

  1. It helps make Your Relationship a Priority above other Things

Sometimes, just making yourself more available helps you becoming a better girlfriend to him. This means making your relationship a priority above all other commitments that you may have.

You are wondering how to make a guy want you? It’s simple! Being there for him will show him that you truly care for him and he will be drawn to you even more.

By making sure that you spend quality time with him at least a couple of times a week, he’ll see that you value the relationship and that you want to make it work. It shows that you are willing to set aside time for the two of you, which will make him want you even more.

When you understand the need to spend more time with him, you will learn that your relationship is important and should always be a priority.

  1. It helps You support each Other

Being a good girlfriend will help you understand the need to support your guy. It’s critical to support him in whatever he is doing.

The fact that he has chosen to be in a relationship with you means that he trusts and values you like his own family. Therefore, he is likely to feel special when you encourage him.

One great way you can support him is by not nagging him when he wants to be away from you in order to either spend time with his friends, or to simply be alone – that is very important to men. He will return your understanding with many signs he cares deeply about you and for your understanding, mature nature.

Also, you can encourage him by being his cheerleader. Make sure to celebrate with him when something good happens.

  1. It increases Communication

All of us have times when we just need to let out that thing that’s been really bogging us. When in a relationship, you are in the best place to discuss what’s happening in your life, including what’s bothering you. However, it’s critical that you create space for such discussions, both emotionally and time-wise.

You will learn that you shouldn’t cut your guy off when he starts talking about something that’s bothering him. Instead, show him that you create emotional space for him to express his feelings.

Another thing is to open up doors for communication. For instance, when you notice that he is sad, try asking him what’s going on and see if you can support him one way or another.


There are several ways being a better girlfriend can help your relationship.

First, it increases the chances that your relationship will last the distance. It further boosts communication and ultimately leads to a healthier relationship. Even more importantly, being a good girlfriend means that you can support your man when he needs the encouragement.

All this will ultimately make him see you as the ideal partner to be with.

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