With quotes and positive messages dressing the walls of our homes, info-graphics filling the internet and Kindness revolutions popping up everywhere around the globe I wonder; Is it just me or has the world gone feel-good crazy!

Break out the champagne! Finally, we have come to the understanding that if we want to create peace and bring happiness into our lives, and in the world, we need to start from within ourselves. We have advanced to a new stage in our evolution where, a critical part of the population, is starting to understand that what we choose to focus on in our lives are regulating how we live and see our reality.

Don't believe me? Here's some proof that the world is putting Peace and Happiness on top of it's priority list:

We want the real deal:
We are realising that what we eat has a direct impact on our lives, on the earth and on our mood. Cooking and lifestyle shows have became huge business. Living off the land and growing your own veggies has became a trend, and being able to choose organic and sustainable produce is now possible literally anywhere. This all shows a need to create a peaceful relationship with the earth.

We want to treat the whole person:
It's all about healing and treating the Body, Mind and Spirit. The wellness industry has been growing massively over the last few years and is predicted to continue doing so in the coming future. Most of us now know that alternative medicine has important information when it comes to our wellbeing. Also, people are starting to realise that looking at any illness from a wellness perspective has a big part to play when it comes to recovering from a disease.

We want freedom:
The realisation that “there is a better way to live” is growing. People that have been suppressed and tyrannised for years have started revolting against their regimes and the dictatorships that are holding them back. People are starting to realise we are entitled to make our own choices in life and are not just accepting the old way of doing things.

We want to make a difference:
Entrepreneurs, Businesses owners and bigger corporations are all waking up to the idea that having a business is not only about making money. The new way forward is working towards making a positive difference in peoples lives whilst growing your company and living on purpose, all at the same time.

We want to walk together:
Happiness shared is happiness multiplied. Collaborating and sharing is the new way to live and do business. How we use the internet and file-sharing are prime examples of this collaboration. We want to be part of something bigger, share our ideas, feel supported and cared for.

So there you have it, some hard proof that the world is becoming more peaceful and caring as we speak. Remember, we all play a big part in this transition; If we want peace to flourish in the world we need to be peace, only then are we able to impact on our environment and the people around us.

There are many times we can seize an opportunity to be more peaceful throughout the day, the only thing that can limit you is your own imagination! Not quite sure where to start? That's Ok! My next article will give you 8 simple ways to help you implement peace become the Mcgyver of happiness!

Author's Bio: 

Mirva is a Sydney-based Swedish singer/songwriter, author and radio host.

Mirva’s international career success in her 20’s and award win following the release of her debut album ‘We’re Here Now’ in 2006 eventually landed her nose first in depression, only to immerge re-inspired, producing music again and as a mother of two with a powerful message to share. Her message has touched the hearts of people so much so, that her book is hailed as a transformative ‘must read’ and her latest EP ‘One’ has already gained massive air play.

Mirva's has just launched her new book ‘The Art of Soulful Living’ is an easy and inspiring read, which has already found much appreciation among women, mothers, artists and people of all walks of life, making it not only a ‘must-have’ title for any self-help or personal development book shelf, but also an inspirational gift for just about anyone.

For more info about Mirva visit www.mirva.org