Building lists for many internet marketers is much like pulling teeth since results don't come fast enough compared to the effort they invest! Although the use of squeeze pages is a very common and yes effective way to build an opt in list, one can do so, perhaps more effectively, with a blog! The use of blogs as a marketing platform is growing in popularity for many of the same reasons they would be great for building an opt in list!

Lets examine 3 distinct advantages using the blog marketing platform to build yourself a sizable list can offer!


When using blogs as a marketing platform the first order of 'business' is to attract people to the site with great content! Now blogging platforms are generally deemed successful once they build up a strong and loyal following, right? Therefore it stands to reason the information you offer must be accurate and useful which tends to make you, as the source, more credible! Typically internet marketers who are seen as credible tend to also be more trustworthy as well! Well if you're a credible and trustworthy source it would seem people would be more incline to join your opt in list, don't you think?


By virtue of making repeated visits to a blog people obviously become more familiar with not only the blogger and their writings but also other visitors! The very essence of a popular or at least well developed blogging site is the sense of community it projects! Well taking this just one step further this sense of feeling also breeds comfort and familiarity which here too should make people less resistant to joining an opt in list! In addition if people continue to return to the same blog marketing platform they must have found something they like don't you think? Therefore you would assume these same people would be eager to sign up in an effort to get more of the same!


People who visit your blog can either opt in or not but are still able to enjoy the content and discussions either way! The lack of 'pressure' folks feel by being allow access to the site regardless of whether they leave their information lessens resistance and increases their confidence and their willingness! In this way you have repeated chances that they will add their names to your opt in list when they return to your site at a later date!

Building lists is basically an essential part of many internet marketers businesses due to the way it allows you to easily and rapidly increase sales! Many however are frustrated with the relatively slow pace at which it typically goes to build a sizable opt in list! The solution/suggestion offered above points out the relative ease one could experience collecting contact information by using a blog! Our discussion focuses on 3 advantages this particular marketing platform offers in terms of list building! As any seasoned internet marketers will tell you, if you find an easier and more effective to get the job done, JUMP on the opportunity!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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