Leaders need to instill confidence in others; they need to be positive about the vision, mission, strategy and goals of the organization. The best leaders convey confidence in the face of adversity, change, and in the midst of uncertainty. This confident way of being helps those around the leader stay positive in the face of uncertainty.

Leaders are able to convey confidence when they use compassionate self-talk, when they play to their own strengths, rely on and engage those around them and are honest and authentic about what they do and do not know. Experience, hard work and success help leaders’ model confidence to others.

Interestingly, humility is also an important characteristic that effective leader’s have demonstrated. Humility helps leaders respect the skills of their team members. It helps them listen to others thereby enabling others engagement. Humility helps leaders stay focused on their own growth, development and betterment. Humility helps leaders make room for others when conflicts occur and enables leaders to get positive results through others.

Author's Bio: 

Mary-Ann Owens has been coaching executives since 1999. She is currently completing a PhD in Leadership Development at the University of Calgary. She was the founding President of the Calgary Chapter of the International Coach Federation in 1998. Mary-Ann facilitates leadership development workshops and coaches Managers, Vice Presidents and CEOs in corporations.