The rise of brand influencers comes as no surprise with the interest around social media giants. Whether we’re talking about a famous athlete or a movie star, the general idea is the same: people who follow the influencer will buy whatever their ‘idol’ says to buy.

But what makes these Influencers interesting is the fact that they don’t have to be athletes or famous movie starts to push a brand. Some of these individuals have generated a massive following on the internet simply by being themselves, or rather, cultivating a style that people like. Consider the case of reality stars such as the Kardashian clan, who basically generate hundreds of millions of dollars by selling products they don’t even own.

While granted, some of the Kardashians have started their own companies and are doing well, but they still play the role of brand Influencers pretty well. So why do people go nuts over these officially endorsed products? It has a lot to do with our nature, and the fact that people gravitate to what’s new.

This is true of products like clothing and digital products as well. And perhaps the only thing more exciting than a product that your favorite fashion personality wears is a free product – so anything with free coupon codes is an excellent selling point. So by the way, you can get coupons for Talentless apparel the next time you’re on their website.

Top brands like Nike have created huge business by using brand Influencers, which some people believe may be more effective than advertising products through conventional media. It also saves a great deal of money when new brands use this form of marketing rather than going to print media or TV to sell products. With brand Influencers, you can always come up with an arrangement that allows you to move merchandise without investing anything.

And of course, both the owner and the influencer stand to gain a lot of money if they wield significant power over their followers. It’s a good incentive for the influencer because they will go an extra mile to sell your products to their audiences.

Does this mean that advertising is dead?

For the most part, traditional advertising is still a thing; because who can argue that people don’t watch TV? But the other advantage to using brand Influencers is the fact that it allows you to target your market more accurately.

So if for instance you’re selling hats, then it’s going to be a hit and miss situation if you choose to pay to have your products advertised during commercial breaks on TV, or in fashion magazines – which would cost a small fortune and your products would appear next to other top brands, which is a lot of pressure.

But when a brand uses someone like Kylie Jenner to market a brand of new hats, then it’s a fairly targeted form of advertising and is bound to generate serious business. This is already happening with many start ups in the fashion industry be Aude we want to wear what our favorite celebrity wears. Perhaps it’s our own way of connecting with these people, or just a silly evolutionary trend, but it works.

This method of doing business can only be expected to grow and expand, and this will allow companies that are just coming up to expand in record time and provide useful products to millions of customers – but that’s only if they manage to snatch a powerful influencer. Some individuals, such as Scott Disick and the likes, have gone out and started their own fashion labels after working as brand ambassadors, and it’s a perfect win-win situation for everybody involved.

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