If you are looking forward to purchasing a training AFL ball for your son or daughter who is showing early signs of being a promising AFL player when he or she grows up, you must look for a good training ball. And when it comes to picking up a 'good' ball, nothing is as good as the branded ones. What is the catch of a branded ball? In other words, what makes these branded balls so adored in the sporting fraternity? Here are the reasons.

The quality of material 

When you opt for a branded AFL football, you can be rest assured of the quality of the material it is made up of. Branded balls are made up of top quality pure leather, synthetic leather, or might be of synthetic surfaces that will help the ball act truly during the training. Technically speaking, they will act in normal conditions as well as in wet conditions, in the same way, thus helping the trainees to master skills rather quickly and with more authority. 

The high-quality materials will ensure that the balls remain light even if when it comes to training in the rain or in wet pitch conditions and yet, do not behave unexpectedly even on windy days. Take, for instance, the One Touch Football. These balls will help the trainees to master the art of kicking and teeing, gripping, throwing and with-the-ball maneuvers perfectly in various conditions.

The stitches are of high quality

The stitches of these balls are of high quality as well, and this proves that they do not get snapped or get rotten even after prolonged use, and thus, they ensure that the balls last longer than the other average non-branded local training balls. Also, the best balls will have their stitches concealed, and it is something that helps in the behaviour of the ball in the air. Since the stitches are concealed the friction between the air and the stitches is absent, and this helps the ball to fly in the air seamlessly, without being intimidated by that friction. Thus you see, these branded balls make a huge difference in the behaviour while helping the trainees during their sessions.

They come with accessories

Branded balls in most cases come with accessories. Take the example of One Touch AFL Balls. These balls come up with adjustable bungee cords that are stitched with the ball at one end and end at a wearable vest at the other. This helps the trainees properly deal with the ball at backyard training sessions, without the fear of the ball being lost of getting over to others' properties. 

They have a better overall look and feel

The overall look and feel of the AFL balls are simply awesome. It imparts a 'feel-good' factor that makes a difference in the psyche of the trainees. These branded, high-quality balls impart a sense of confidence in the trainees and that makes a huge difference when it comes to building up a competitive mindset, which is one of the fundamental qualities that a trainee needs to develop to excel on the pitch. 

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The author runs an online portal that sells One Touch AFL footballs for trainees of various age groups at competitive prices.