When it comes to structures in your garden, your only option in years past was a garden shed. But garden sheds have taken on a new form and have become transformed into summerhouses, log cabins, playhouses, and more. Of course, you can always opt for a simple garden shed and then turn it into something different, such as a gym, entertainment area, spa, workshop, and so on – but if you want something extra special, you can opt for a summerhouse instead. Summerhouses have a definite appeal, especially wooden or timber summerhouses that come with natural insulation and are attractive to the eye. But why else should you build a wooden or timber summerhouse in your garden? Here’s a look at the real benefits.

Additional living and relaxing space

Most homeowners readily say that they could use a bit more space – even just a single room or area can make a difference, and this is where a summerhouse comes in. You can use a summerhouse for a variety of purposes – it can serve as an extra room for a child or relative, and it can serve as your workshop or entertainment room. You can still use it as a garden shed, of course, and you can use it for storage and add extra shelves, cupboards, and cabinets. If you want, you can add a bed or sofa for friends or family who occasionally stay over. In terms of cost, it’s definitely more economical to add a summerhouse rather than an extension in your home – and it saves you time and effort as well.

Make your garden more appealing, attractive, and organised

Summerhouses can make your garden more appealing, attractive, and organised. Your garden can have more character and personality with the addition of a summerhouse, particularly if it's made from wood which mimics the natural look of your garden. What's more, a summerhouse can help you become more organised because you can use it for storage, as already mentioned – whether you have a few gardening tools or even sports equipment and DIY tools that you'd rather not keep in the house. With a wooden or timber summerhouse, you can also keep your equipment adequately protected from the elements, helping prolong its lifespan and integrity. You can also store expensive equipment in your summerhouse rather than leave it lying around in plain sight, which can be tempting for burglars. Additionally, gardening tools and equipment can be potentially risky for children who play in the garden, so it’s best to have a specific place for them so you can avoid accidents.

A range of options and designs

A wooden or timber summerhouse is a lot less costly than building a house extension, so the economic benefits are obvious. But you also have a range of options and designs from which to choose, and garden summer houses come in different shapes and finishes as well. You can go for a contemporary design, for instance, complete with picture windows and a natural wood finish, or you can choose a summerhouse with French windows and brightly-coloured paint for a different garden vibe. Moreover, summerhouses made of wood are quicker and less of a hassle to install than summerhouses made from concrete, stone, or brick, making them an even more ideal choice.

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