Building an internet marketing blog is not all too difficult and something you should consider if earning an income online is your plan! In order to establish any type of profitable business on the internet you'll need to build relationships without the use of heavy handed marketing tactics! This is where blogging will help you build a profitable business and here is 3 ways it can do just this for you!

Captivate Your Readers

One of the first things, and probably the most important, that you can do when trying to build a profitable business is to gain the trust and respect of others! When you blog it is normal and expected to offer free and useful information to site visitors that focuses on a particular topic! Of course this topic will also target the niche in which you have chosen to work therefore you'll also be building a reputation as an authority! The better the content is that you post online the more likely it will be people will return to your platform leading to their eventual loyalty!

Exchange Thoughts/Ideas

Most blogs allow for comments to be left and yours should be no different since not doing so will eliminate the opportunity for visitors to exchange thoughts! In fact if you are reluctant to allow comments then you should consider 'retreating' back to the use of a more traditional website where visitors can merely view but not interact! The whole intent of earning an income off a blog is to allow for this interaction which not only increases the enjoyment of your readers but also supplies you with valuable feedback! You definitely want this interaction for how it can benefit you in terms of suggestions and new ideas but also because people feel they're contributing thus making their visits more meaningful!

Make Subtle Offers

The marketing tactics employed on most blogs are subtle and not the usual 'in your face' hype that automatically make people resistant! Allowing free access to information about a topic that people have an interest in without placing any type of commitment on them such as requiring them to opt in lowers their resistance! When you have created an environment like this you can merely make product 'suggestions' which your readers will be much more receptive to thus increasing your sales conversions!

Having an internet marketing blog offers you many advantages in your efforts to build a profitable business online! Being 'sensitive' to the needs and wants of potential customers will help you establish a solid foundation for earning an income! Blogging will help you to focus more on people thus allowing you to develop a loyal following without using heavy handed marketing tactics! 3 significant ways a blog helps achieve this much needed foundation are discussed above and are reasons why blogging should be a serious consideration of yours!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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