Business decisions are the fulcrum upon which in most cases your expectations are to increase profits! Understanding that to be the case it only makes sense that in order to grow your business online, which can be a very challenging environment, you need to be thinking clearly! Emotions can easily alter your 'better' judgment and thereby hinder your decision making skills resulting in lost or shrinking profits! Remember, in order to grow your business the directions you choose must be based upon their effectiveness in helping to increase profits and not personal likes or dislikes!

Here are 3 likely 'pitfalls' that can occur when emotion is allowed to influence your decision making skills when working online!

No Mass Appeal

It is not always easy or even wise to try and force your personal preferences on the masses! Make no mistake, consumer trends are not going to follow your personal likes and dislikes! When looking for ways to grow your business you must ALWAYS pay attention to what the market is telling you and ignore your personal preferences!

Lack of Objectivity

In very many cases you'll need to call upon your decision making skills to make adjustments or additions to the infrastructure of your organization! Once again the choices you make or the direction you take must be decided upon by considering merely nothing more than facts and prior experience! There is no place in this process for emotion or what may hold your interests personally! Decisions like these are based upon what has been proven to be effective or is the most likely solution to the situation at hand! Complete and total objectivity is needed here and nothing more since anything else may tend to cloud your judgment!

Ineffective Promotional Strategies

Simply because you may become comfortable with certain marketing tactics does NOT mean they are effective! Always check your results and continue to do so when implementing varying marketing strategies since what may work today may not be as effective a week from now! Don't ever fall in love with any one way of doing things since more times than not this preference comes from the proficiency you have developed! Although proficiency is always good, especially in a small business, it does not always' translate into a way to increase profits!

The best business decisions are those made without emotion or feelings but rather based upon facts that serve to increase profits! It is all too easy to allow personal preferences to influence your thinking however they can have a negative impact on your decision making skills when you are trying to grow your business! It is critically important to remember your likes and dislikes will not always help you increase profits! By allowing personal feelings or emotions to 'lead' your thinking will likely result in the 3 'pitfalls' discussed here today which is not how to grow your business! Always try to maintain your objectivity when deciding upon business related matters since it's not about personal preferences but rather mass appeal and effectiveness!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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