Marketing is never easy for any business today. Using digital marketing needs you to have knowledge on how to market yourself online mainly through different social media platforms. Without the right team and preparation, your account may suffer from low to no response which can be discouraging to your efforts today. Resorting to use other means like powerlikes instagram to your instagram posts can easily be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Fake likes can pose a major threat to your business which can never have been your intention when opening your IG account. Below are some useful reasons to make you understand why buying instagram likes may not be the best solution to your low responses on your IG posts.

You might get suspended
Instagram has a set of rules and regulations that one has to adhere to before using the service. You have to accept the terms and conditions before successfully creating an instagram account. Since this is a socialization platform, human interaction are highly encouraged. Buying followers and likes can therefore be a major crime as it goes against the basic odds governing the operation of instagram. Once found the consequences may be dire ranging from suspension to being fully banned from accessing the site ever again.

No interactions
It is unwise of you to be content with buying likes and interactions. If at all your instagram account should help you grow your business then why not focus on getting authentic traffic that can easily help you with conversion and even referral form of marketing. There is no steady progress you can count on by having these auto likes and comments on your posts. You cannot market nor get important statistics from your potential audience to help you tailor future ads and posts. As a temporary solution it may work, however not for an account that has long term goals to it’s to do list.

Blacklist from top brands and influencers
Influencers present a vast audience for you to manipulate with your posts. Top brands also have authentic authority online meaning that co-dependence can help you market your posts and brand better. Inter-dependence is however possible when both parties have something they bring to the deal. With your fake likes and comments, of what use would your account be to other top brands in your industry? You can easily be dropped off from a good project because of such shortcuts that have dire repercussions.

Fake means unavailability of followers
This is the simple truth that most people do not want to hear. Buying instagram likes was only for boosting or jump starting getting likes from potential followers in and out of your region. Relying on the service for too long may be of no great advantage to your marketing strategy. You need actual people to like your posts and get enticed by your services. You won’t definitely get this from an auto liker app.

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You need actual people to like your posts and get enticed by your services. You won’t definitely get this from an auto liker app.