Uncovering a suitable holiday to please all of the members of the family is often quite a complex job. More years ago than I care to mention when my children were still young I was always reluctant to take them to another country, and did not do so until they were both young adults. I knew how exhausting heat and exertion can be, and so even long after growing out of having an afternoon sleep it was far better to permit them take one or suffer the alternative – ill temmpered children. Though, I’m no skin flint when it comes to breaks I didn’t see the sense of shelling out my hard earned money on a well-earned break and then sitting down in a hotel bed room while the kids had a siesta.

We sometimes rented a cottage to find out about somewhere in this country we’d never visited before, indeed we now own such a cottage so naturally we actively urge other folks to take a look at it. Nonetheless, we at the same time resolved to sample the experience of camping and I’m totally happy we did.

Whenever the family went camping I always attempted to select a place where there was plenty to keep the kids occupied and safe so that my wife and I could catch up on our reading, or the entire family group were able to check out local places of interest. One thing about camping is that it is rather effortless to transfer on to a different site if the one you’re at does not suit you or you have done and seen all there is to do and see. A number of the most unforgettable holidays we’ve had were at locations that were somewhat basic however in the middle of attractive countryside.

The members of the family who experienced the most from our camping holidays were the kids. Our son particularly, eased in to this existence perfectly and it was quite normal for him to disappear for a couple of hours only to reappear hot, thirsty, hungry and filthy with a group of other kids following on. He would be fed and watered and then off he would go once more with his gang to carry on whatever exploring game they had been enjoying. In those halcyon days and nights we had no need to be anxious about where they all were since all the other mums and dads would be keeping a watchful but discreet eye on them, as we did.

On a particular occasion we were at a place where there was a community hall with entertainment, yet as we didn’t much care for it we erected our tent well away from it. It turned out to be one of those wonderfully warm summers’ evenings when you can stay outside a long way into the night. We lit a small bonfire and baked a handful of spuds, by which time there was yet again an army of youngsters gathered round. After despatching them off to collect wood to fuel the fire we all stayed around taking part in charade-type games, my wife and I providing the scenarios for all the kids to play out. Mothers and fathers wishing to go to the community hall were ignored and no-one wanted to leave once it was time for sleep, they were having such a excellent time. After all had gone still we relaxed back in our recliners looking at the night sky and saw our first shooting star.

So, camping – not just for the youngsters to enjoy!

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Bruno Blackstone is a freelance writer interested in all things to do with the outdoors and helping others get the most from the outdoors. Starting with a psychology degree his early career was as a social worker and family therapist working with families to help them achieve more positive and stable relationships. In his more recent career he has coached many senior executives in both small and large organisations in areas such as strategy, human resources, organisational design and performance improvement. He now continues his work in the business world but he is also co-owner of http://www.myoutdoorstore.co.uk a price comparison site for outdoor enthusiasts.