Uncovering a satisfactory holiday to please all of the members of the family is often quite a daunting task. In days gone by whilst my kids were still small I was generally reluctant to take them to foreign countries, and didn’t until they were both young adults. I knew how tiring high temperatures and activity could be, as a result even long after growing out of having an afternoon sleep it was better to allow them take one or suffer the other option – grumpy kids. Now, I am no skin flint when it comes to holidays I did not see the sense of expending my hard earned money on a well-earned trip and then sitting down in a hotel bed room while the young ones had a nap.

We from time to time hired a cottage to discover someplace in our own country we’d never visited before, in fact we now possess such a property so not surprisingly we actively encourage other folks to sample it (have a look at the Places to Stay page on our web site). Despite this, we additionally decided to test the world of camping and I am rather pleased we did.

Whenever all of us went camping I always attempted to find someplace where there was enough to keep the young ones occupied and safe so that my wife and I were able to catch up on our reading, or the entire family group might sample local places of interest. One thing about camping is that it is rather easy to transfer on to some other location if the one you’re on doesn’t appeal to you or you’ve done and seen every thing there is to do and experience. Many of the most memorable holidays we have enjoyed were at sites that were relatively simple but in the middle of lovely countryside.

The members of the family who received the most out of our camping excursions were the young ones. Our son in particular, eased in to this lifestyle perfectly and it was quite usual for him to go off for a couple of hours only to re-surface hot, thirsty, hungry and mucky with a gang of other children following on. He would be fed and watered then off he’d go again with his retinue to carry on whatever exploring activity they'd been taking part in. In those halcyon days we had no need to worry regarding where they all were because all the other mums and dads would be keeping a watchful but unobtrusive eye on them, as we did.

On a specific occasion we holidayed at a site where there was a community hall with entertainment, yet as we didn’t much care for it we erected our tent well away from it. It happened to be one of those beautifully warm summers’ evenings when you can remain outside well into the night. We lit a small fire and baked several spuds, by which time there was once again an army of children gathered all-around. After sending them off to pick up sticks to feed the bonfire we all stayed around enjoying charade-type games my wife and I furnishing the stories for all the young ones to play out. Mothers and fathers seeking to go to the community hall were ignored and no-one wanted to leave when it was time for sleep, they were enjoying such a excellent time. When all had gone silent we relaxed back in our seats looking at the night sky and saw our first shooting star.

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