As is known to all, the prostate gland is a necessary and special organ in males, which plays an overarching role in the male genitourinary system. Protecting the prostate health should be all men’s duty.

Because of some bad habits in daily life, many male friends may suffer from prostate problems, especially prostatitis. As we all know, drinking and smoking are bad habits for human health, which can induce prostatitis to some extent.

There are also other bad habits related to prostatitis, which we usually don't pay much attention to, but they can hurt the prostate gland over time. The most common one is a filled bladder with urine, which means you hold the urine for too long.

In the daily living, males may have things to do so that they can't get urine out in a timely manner. Holding urine seems to a common behavior in today's society, especially for office workers and bus drivers. Some male friends keep their urine habitually to finish their work or indulging in playing computer games. When it turns into a habit, it does hurt the bladder and prostate gland, further inducing prostatitis.

Experts point out that holding urine frequently and too long will give rise to a lot of harm to human body, which may increase bladder stress, affect urinal metabolism in the kidney and other bad symptoms.

Urination is actually a toxin discharge process. Regular urination can clean away the bacteria in the urethra. On condition that you often have a full bladder, the sphincter in the urethra will be unable to control the urine and make the pressure in the bladder higher than normal.

To get the pressure dispelled, your body will allow some urine to get into the urethra as well as the prostate gland. In this situation, some bacteria and harmful stuff in the urine will be able to intrude and stimulate the prostate gland, thereby induce prostatitis.

Hence, always having a full bladder will make the prostate gland swollen and congested for a long time. The more urine you hold at an early phase, the more you will urine later. After getting prostatitis unwittingly, you will suffer from symptoms like frequent and urgent urination, painful urination and burning sensation when urinating. To keep the prostate gland healthy, this bad behavior need to be given up as soon as possible.

Always drink more water and empty the urine in time, which will be conductive to the genitourinary system in males. Or else, you will be at high risk of getting prostatitis. Once suffering from the disease, proper therapy should be done in a time manner.

For sufferers with acute prostatitis, antibiotics can be used for one or two weeks. On condition that the suffer has chronic prostatitis due to years of bad habits, they need a long-term therapy, which can be finished via herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

It is an available approach for chronic prostatitis, which will eliminate all bacteria and viruses in the genitourinary system, and can relieve painful symptoms after a long-time taking.

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