Canada is one of the world's most popular study locations. Every year, a large number of Indian students travel to Canada for higher study. Canadian study visas have always been in high demand in India due to the job prospects and educational quality. However, the Canadian High Commission has recently denied a considerable number of study visa applications. Even individuals with excellent IELTS scores and who have already enrolled in an online program at a Canadian university face visa denial. Students who fall within this category will have to reapply for their visas right now.

Thousands of applicants have been rejected student visas by Canadian authorities, according to a report published in the Indian Express on August 7, 2021. Students with Visa Approval in Principle (AIP) are also being denied student visas by the relevant authorities. Make contact with the best overseas education consultant in Delhi.

Only students who match the eligibility criteria and have already received excellent IELTS scores and placed a one-year fee at a Canadian university are eligible for AIP. Meet with study abroad consultants in Delhi for further information.

Although the refusal of study visas has been a regular occurrence, the scale of rejection in recent weeks has been unprecedented.

How many student visas have the Canadian High Commission recently denied?

According to the study, there are thousands of them. According to top visa advisers, visa refusals have always existed, but the number of rejected visas has exploded. In recent weeks, many students have reported that visa refusal has increased to around 60%. To understand more engage with the best overseas education consultant in Delhi for UK

What could be the causes for the visa denials?

Direct flights to Canada have been halted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Following the resumption of flights to Canada, there remained a significant backlog of students awaiting visa clearance, with 3-4 lakhs of study visa applications from India still unresolved, making it difficult for Canada to handle such large numbers of students in a few months. Get more insight from the best UK consultants in Delhi. As a result, visas for those applicants whose applications were weak from the standpoint of their course or based on their financial circumstances were denied.

Officials are being asked to complete a year's worth of work in a few months. As a result, they are initially refusing visas with weaker cases to give themselves time to adjust before dealing with the massive backlog of 6-7 months. Furthermore, students who are denied visas will have enough time to revise their applications.

What are the options for students whose visa applications have been dismissed?

When a visa application is denied, a generic refusal letter is issued, which does not specify the reason for the denial. Students can obtain their Global Case Management System (GCMS) or Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS) notes to learn the true reason. Developed a positive relationship with a study abroad consultant. They can acquire these notes in 35-40 days from the Canadian High Commission's office, and after reading them, students can apply by clearing up any doubts that led to their denial.

Before anything else, students should relinquish their cases for free. After that, students should compose a clear statement of purpose (SOP), in which the applicants must explain why they choose to study in Canada. They should also discuss their academic background, post-study plans, and the reasons for picking a specific course, university, and so on. In addition, the applicant's academic profile and the family's financial situation are important drivers, as a result of global economic downturns, every country seeks overseas students with a good academic record and a good financial situation. Give a decision to one of the best UK education consultants in Delhi

Is it recommended that students with a poor academic record apply for international education?

Students now have a plethora of options when it comes to enrolling for higher education overseas, thanks to the introduction of numerous new programs in every field. New courses in robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and other fields have opened up a lot of opportunities for international students. Make an effort to establish a friendly connection with study abroad consultants in Guwahati. However, it is recommended that they apply for courses relating to the subject in which they have a strong academic record.

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