After landing in the beautiful Cape Town, you will enter in the amazing Cape Town International Airport that is also the second largest airport present in South Africa. The airport claims a host of amenities just like a retail section, free Wi-Fi , a viewing deck that allow you to take in the marvelous sites of Cape Town City and the Zenith Conference Centre. The airport is easily accessible by road, and for arriving at airport you can even take a cab or use the shuttle bus services for arriving at hotel from the airport.

Actually the Cape Town is considered one of the most attractive cities of Africa and it also have the largest ratio of international tourist terminus on the African continent. That’s only because of its wonderful climate, beaches, natural setting, and tourist places and also because of well-developed infrastructure.


Cape Town attractions:

1. Stunning Nature

At any location with or around Cape Town you can look above to enjoy the most amazing view full of magnificent Table Mountain. These mountains are almost 1100 meter tall, these mountains actually dominates the entire skyline present all around the city. You can also hike these mountains if you get bored by just looking at them from below.


2. Experience Amazing Wine and Traditional Food:

Basically there are lots of amazing dinning and winning areas present all around the Cape Town that you will definitely want to try during your stay there. So if you want to have some wine then you should consider going to Garden Route that is most iconic and tranquil places present to have outstanding wines and also for eating delicious food. So if you want to visit this place then prefer to have cheapest flights from London to Cape Town to enjoy your weekend here at this amazing place, you will definitely never regret visiting here.


3. Travelling Around Cape Town:

For tourists it’s a best advice to opt the coolest way to visit all around Cape Town is to use the amazingly developed road network. There are actually lots of car that are issued by  rental companies easily in the area, due to which it become easy for  tourists to travel in great groups hiring a tourist guide Company could be the best option to visit the Cape Town. Even if you prefer to visit through public transport, then you have the option of using the Metrorail, which works as a service of commuter rail present in Cape Town.


4.   The History of Cape Town:

Basically this city use to have a rich and raw history, whenever you travel this city must visit the Robben Island, actually it is a place where Nelson Mandela who was a famous activist and former president was imprisoned. Basically this place us used as a criminal prison for Dutch people, Robben Island have become a prison that is used by government of South African to lock up all the public and political protestors who are opposed to the government.

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