There were a lot of really nice trends on display at the major fashion weeks for the upcoming spring and summer 2015 season. With the season actually beginning, allowing us to start wearing some of these nice things, it is time to look back at what the designers were showing and begin thinking about how we want to wear them day to day. One of the trends we saw a whole lot of on the runways for this season was cashmere.

Cashmere and Spring

Cashmere has long been a great thing to wear – it feels soft and beautiful, it keeps you warm, and it looks luxurious and appealing, but most of the time it has been used mostly in fall and winter collections. With the spring 2015 season, it is time to stop thinking of cashmere as something snuggly to cosy up in on a winter day, and start looking at it as a great layering material for transitional weather!

Why is it the Perfect Textile for this Spring's Layering Pieces?

Cashmere is a better material for spring than you may think. While it is a knit generally associated with staying warm in a luxury way, it can actually be quite light. When constructed into pieces like light sweaters or delicate cardigans, cashmere is ideal for keeping the slight chill that can often be a problem outdoors in spring off of you, while still retaining the softer, more feminine look you want for your spring time outfits. It won't look chunky over a pretty dress (and this spring's trends are full of pretty florals and light, fresh colours), and it can add a sophisticated touch for evening wear rather than making you feel like you just ruined your outfit with a big woolly sweater because it got cold!

Choosing the Right Pieces

There are lots of great cashmere pieces around that are perfect for the spring 2015 season, however because cashmere is not a cheap, throwaway textile, you want to get the best value by choosing items you can keep on wearing beyond the season. Cardigans and sweaters in neutral colours are a great choice – neutrals are a big trend for this spring but will also not look dated or out of place in the future because of their general, classic style. If you like a bit more colour, opt for things like sky blue or soft pink which are also a part of this spring's designer palettes but are fairly safe for future use! If you don't want to invest in larger cashmere pieces, you can also choose things like hats and scarves in cashmere that are perfect for spring. Cashmere specialists like have great products like beanie hats that can be an easier and more affordable way to add a cashmere touch.

Cashmere is going to be a popular trend this season, but is also a good thing to own in general because of its versatility and luxury. Check out some of the great cashmere pieces available now and start adding it to your spring 2015 look!

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