We are leading manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers in cell phone parts. We abide by the industry standards and offer competitive pricing. We have our LCD assembling factory and it helps us meet our client’s needs easily.

We as cell phone parts wholesale suppliers believe in providing a complete range of quality products and uninterrupted service to our clients worldwide

In Germany, we have served our customers from different locations like Kolkwitz, Cottbus, Wachtberg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Rostock, Cologne, Hamburg and Aachen.

We have served our customers in France from different locations like Grasse, Brest, Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Besancon, Toulouse, Nice, Tournus and Bordeaux.

Our wide range of products offered in different categories are
· Wholesale iPhone parts, iPad parts
· Wholesale cell phone repair parts
· wholesale OEM accessories for cell phone
· Wholesale cell phone batteries & tools
You will always find the right replacement parts for almost every model of your cell phone, for example, finding your cell phone battery for a replacement would be much easier than ever.

Advantages of purchasing from Cell Phone Parts
· We carry out stringent quality assurance test for the LCD screens and parts.
· We help our customers by recycling and resell solutions to contribute to the environment and save money.
· We offer replacements for our LCD Screens within the warranty
· We offer different shipping methods to help you get products delivered within 2-5 working days.
· We have our factory for LCD assembly factory(www.iphoneLCD.net) and cell phone
· CPP is a wholesaler having an online store to help you purchase cell phone spare parts conveniently.
· www.iphoneLCD.net is the subsidiary of CPP. Along with 2 fully operational factories and more than 300 workers, we offer high-quality cell phone parts to our clients.

How our customers benefit through our services
We have our manufacturing unit and thus it helps meet your business needs. We understand your requirements better and offer prices that fit in your budget.

Competitive pricing
We keep a check on the world market to make sure that we offer you a competitive price for all the products we offer.

Our products undergo quality assurance tests so that we deliver high-quality products always. As we manufacture the parts and sell them too, we meet the industry standards. With vast experience in the field, we always guarantee the quality, timely delivery, and excellent service.

Flexible working hours
We are available 24X 7 to respond to your queries regarding our products like product prices, specifications, etc. You can contact us and submit queries and we promise to respond within 24 hours. You can fetch information about your order status through your account page.

We also offer exciting discounts which are based on the wholesale quantity of various cell phone repair parts.

You can scroll through the different categories to find the required cell phone parts (wholesale) on our site. A lot of wholesalers dealing in cell phone parts provide quality products which are available at affordable price.

Cell-phone repair parts that you can buy through our portal
· Flex cable
· Cellphone LCD screen replacement
· Cell phone touch screen
· Back cover, housing, battery door
· Glass cover lens
· Loudspeaker
· Adhesive sticker
· Earpiece speaker
· Front or Rear camera
· Vibrating Moto
· Battery for Mobile phone
· Screws

Dedicated after-sales service
We offer dedicated after-sales service for our clients worldwide to meet their expectations.

One-stop solution
We offer one-stop solutions for all your cell phone needs.

Technical support
We offer 24 hours of technical support with the help of our trained and certified technical staff.

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