Have you ever consulted a psychic? Maybe you've been to a party where a fortune teller was part of the entertainment. You might have ventured into a New Age book store where a reader laid out colorful, mysterious cards and explained how they foretold your business prospects for the coming year or indicated what kind of person you should marry. In fact, most people at some time in their lives visit a psychic either as a joke, out of sheer curiosity, or out of desperation. The traditional reader with the sign showing a hand and stars is still very much a part of the American landscape. But in these days when the internet runs practically everything, more and more people are choosing to chat with a psychic online.

Why Do I Want To Consult A Psychic?

Have you had trouble finding happiness in life? Does love seem to be passing you by? Do you seem to be stuck in the same job year after year while other people get the promotions and recognition you feel you deserve? Do you have family worries? Are you constantly plagued by ill health? Do you feel as if you're repeating self-destructive patterns? Do you feel frustrated, misunderstood, alone in the world? These are some of the reasons people want to chat with an online psychic.

Of course you're well aware of the earthly factors of these life problems. Consulting a psychic gives you an advantage by showing you hidden dimensions -- spiritual influences that play a role in your troubles. With this additional insight, you may be able to make better decisions.

What Is A Psychic?

A psychic is anyone who uses extrasensory perception -- ESP -- to gather information about people, places and things. Everyone is psychic in the sense that we are all born with some paranormal ability, but a psychic has studied and practiced using these talents. She is accustomed to paying attention to her intuition and to any messages she might receive from the unseen world. Some psychics feel they are guided by angels or other benevolent entities. A psychic who can receive messages from spirits -- people who have passed on to the next life -- is generally referred to as a medium.

Many psychics use divination to look for answers to people's questions. Divination or fortune-telling is an age-old art which takes hundreds of forms. Some use tarot cards, others might use astrology or numerology or even tea leaves. The methods are less important than the messages received. When you chat with a psychic online, she may use cards or rune stones right during the reading. Or she may ask you for your birth date and time and draw up an astrological chart and forecast. Even the most intuitive psychics use astrology, as it is an easy way to get an idea of what your personal life tendencies are.

Some psychics specialize in certain areas or types of problems. Others are open to general questions on many subjects.

What Can I Expect?

Before you chat with a psychic online, prepare your questions ahead of time. Think of the main problem you wish to address, and summarize it to yourself in a few words. Hold this problem in your mind as you connect. Have a pencil and paper ready to jot down information chat with a psychic online may give you. If she has information from your guardian angel or your loved ones in the next life, tell her you're interested and wish to hear more. Let the spirits tell her what they want you to know, then judge the information for yourself.

A good psychic can be very helpful. Combine information from psychics with advice from friends in the everyday world and practical, common-sense changes. Be in charge of your own decisions as much as possible.

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