Your chimney deserves only the very best, and to maintain the smooth running of your log burner, this means keeping your chimney in the best condition that it can be. This may mean hiring a professional chimney sweep to give it that little bit of TLC.

It is recommended that you clean your chimney twice a year, depending on how often you use it, however, it isn’t the easiest or the cleanest job so many people avoid the task.

It is essential that the chimney is cleared to avoid potential health risks such as the production of unwanted carbon monoxide from a blocked flue, or any possibility of starting a chimney fire. That is where a chimney sweep steps in.


Now, the immediate image that one generally associates with a chimney sweep is that of Victorian times, where frequently a child would be used as a chimney sweep, hired to clean chimneys with a bristled brush and a sooty face.

Regardless of this, the role of chimney sweep is still very much a contemporary position!

The National Association of Chimney Sweeps and The Institute of Chimney Sweeps offer chimney sweep service from trained members who value efficiency and safety.

They carry a host of highest-quality equipment designed to adapt to both old and new fireplace instalments from traditional brushes to CCTV cameras to diagnose any faults.


The modern chimney sweep is also very aware of the health and safety ramifications that come from your chimney and upon having cleaned it will issue you a safety certificate.

The chimney sweep associations also work very closely with their local fire departments to educate about and emphasise the importance of clean chimneys. There are approximately 7,000 chimney fires a year in England alone, many of which could be prevented by a visit from a chimney sweep.

Don’t brush the task under the carpet – get a chimney sweep to give your wood stove a clean today!

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