In Australia, aged care is one of the fastest-growing industries at present. It offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities and primarily focuses on providing quality care and support to elderly people having complex care requirements.

An aged care nurse provides physical, personal and emotional support to all those aged people needing assistance for their daily livelihood. A quality aged care nurse deals with patients suffering from:-

  • Inconvenience or issues in free mobility.
  • Or those who are nearing the end of their lives.

A Brief Look Into What aged care Services Include:-

Helping people in their time of need is one very noble deed. And those wanting to be an aged care nurse get plenty of scope to meet lots of older people needing dedicated care and assistance, be it at their home or at some palliative care facility.

An aged care service mainly includes:-

  • Personal Care-Looking after their personal hygiene, grooming and all other aspects associated with their personal care.
  • Domestic Assistance:-Assisting those older people in performing regular domestic chores like cleaning, washing, housekeeping and even their meal preparation.
  • Palliative Care:-Being there and taking care of all their needs during the end of their life period.
  • Respite Care:-Taking the place of their usual family member or carer, thus allowing them a chance to take a breather.
  • And Social Care:-An aged care nurse will need to maintain their social contact, help them reconnect with family members /close friends and even take them to attend community activities.

The Right Course Training For You:-

To perform your role as a successful aged care nurse, one crucial requirement is to enrol for a quality nurse aged care training course in Sydney.

One good option would be the CHC43015 Certificate IV. The duration of this course training is 78 weeks, with 56 weeks of the study period. Study options include 20 hours (15 hours face-to-face and 5 hours of self-directed study option).

Eligibility:- A candidate over 18 years old with HSC (or equivalent) qualification and academic IELTS 5.5 overall.

Scope & Benefit:-

  • If you wish to work in a community that provides support to all individuals and other groups.
  • If you are capable of working with 50–170 in-residents and patients needing specific care and assistance.
  • If you are comfortable working in a large-scale clinical facility where rotation staff will be of 200+ staff members.

What You Will Learn From The Course?

  • This aged care course teaches you about the whole human body the proper way to support its proper functioning.
  • Ways to facilitate the empowerment of aged people.
  • All the key skills to live up to the well-being of all clients and meet their specific requirements.
  • Ways to tailor a support system and meet their individual needs
  • Ways to combat Dementia by developing strategies for proper communicating, supporting and monitoring.
  • Proper ways to work within the health and community care.

Final Words:-

The demand for quality aged care nurse and other employees are growing with every passing time. With so many exciting and rewarding opportunities, some skills are also transferable and can lead to so many vivid areas- like part-time and casual job roles.

So, learn more about Certificate Iv in Ageing Support from institutions that offer such courses. It will open the doors to a rather lucrative sector-both where you can do good and make the difference.

One good place to start looking for this course training is INT NURSE TRAINING PTY LTD.

Author's Bio: 

The author provides quality Aged Care Course training to interested candidates wanting to help older people in need. With that, the author also explains to the readers on Certificate Iv in Ageing Support and how it could prove important for their career.