What is a luxury villa, and is it different from a normal villa? Is it too expensive for me to afford? Are pictures I see of Cabo San Lucas villas not just a view of a fancy hotel?
The answers to these kinds of questions may surprise you. Luxury villas, in summary, are essentially entire homes for rent in various locations around the world. Unlike hotels, which are often constructed as such from the beginning, many villas previously served as primary homes for families or vacation lodges for wealthy individuals.

As such, luxury villas tend to feature more space than almost any hotel room, more diverse architecture, and different locations than many hotels. Compared to a normal villa, though the terms may often overlap, luxury villas tend to have been redesigned a bit to suit temporary guests while still providing all the comforts of a home. Many feature private pools, beachfront locations, and professional staff to maintain the quality of both the villa and your experience.
Luxury vacation rentals, another term by which these luxury villas are known, also tend to have various price structures. As with hotels, villas can cross the range from almost unbelievably extravagant (your own personal movie theater, anyone?) to smaller, more personal structures, and the price ranges reflect this. Most villas will allow you to rent a single bedroom, with use of the rest of the house, at a lesser price than if you wanted to rent the entire building. This provides an attractive option for couples, while the ability to rent an entire facility can be convenient for business trips with a larger number of people. No need to shuttle between hotels; just eat breakfast in the dining room and head over to the conference room to get to work. Additionally, rates often vary based on the time of the year; you can save hundreds of dollars by renting Mexico villas during a quieter time and instead put that money towards having fun... or getting there to start with.
And yes, Cabo San Lucas villas are more than just a fancy hotel. A luxury vacation rental property will almost always include the “property” portion of a home; it varies base on location, but you can often find a private garden, an expansive lawn, or other features built in. A villa has no need or reason to attempt to fit everything inside of the building, so you can settle down to enjoy a home and all of its comforts the right way.

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In the end, why should you choose Mexico villas for your next vacation rental? There’s no one answer to this question; from unbeatable prices for the space you’ll receive to the gorgeous locations and professional quality of services, a luxury villa is a way to transform a good vacation, whatever your goal is, into a great one.