If you’re relocating to another state or province, Capital Removalists Melbourne will be by your side providing you with complete satisfaction from free quote to expert loading and unloading.

You’ll know exactly what your move will cost when we tailor-make your free quote. Your comprehensive moving package will itemize exactly what is expected from your end of the move and of ours.

Each item of your belongings will be listed in the contract and you won’t pay for the move until all of your belongings have been unloaded and accounted for. Our moving consultant will sit down and conduct an inventory of the items to ensure each box, vehicle or crate has been delivered.

Everything in the contract between us will be explained and any questions will be answered before you sign on the dotted line. Remember, important documents like passports, jewelers, birth certificates, school records and banking information should be personally secured and carried with you during the move. Please tell us if there are valuable items that need to be packed in a special way.

At Capital Removalists Melbourne, you’ll have the choice of purchasing a standard moving insurance policy or one that is more comprehensive. While most long distance hauls can combine loads in one moving truck, we have a fleet of vehicles that is tailor-made for every type of move so your furniture and effects will only occupy the predetermined vehicle. We are not moving brokers and we do not sub-contract packers that will handle the packing and unpacking of your personal effects. We are flexible, long distance movers with a reputation for offering customers trustworthy, efficient service. Our professional employees have years of experience and are licensed and bonded for your protection. You’ll get a range of options that will provide you with the value and pricing you expect. Why not contact us for a free comprehensive quote today?

We use these Interstate Moving Tips for Heavy Furniture of all customers extremely organized, hassle free and a happy experience.

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