Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud based, unified business management solution that empowers enterprises to transform their entry level accounting software or legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to a comprehensive solution to manage critical business functions, including finance, operations, sales, and customer service.

Business Central is a proven solution that has successfully served over 160,000 customers and millions of users worldwide, assisting them streamlining their processes, improve customer relations, and enable growth.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Advantages

Modern enterprises are aggressively looking to improve their capabilities of making smarter decisions. Their existing business solutions are scattered across the departments, making it difficult to get real time business insights for right business decisions.

Business Central is an advanced business solution, integrated with smart functionalities, delivering relevant business information that enterprises need to identify latest trends, prevent recurring issues, and ensure great customer engagements.

Moreover, Business Central leverages the intelligence of Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) to ensure in-depth organizational reporting, enabling businesses to:

Ensure smart forecasts for Sales, Cash Flows, and Budgets
Generate real time inventory levels
Facilitate payment recommendations and vendor discounts
Deliver payment due reminders to avoid overdue penalties.

Why Choose Dynamics 365 Business Central

User-Friendly and Familiar UI - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central features a simple to use interface that is very familiar to most of the accounting software. This means you do not have to waste time training the staff on the usability of the software and they can hit the ground running once Dynamics 365 Business Central is deployed at your workplace.

Put you on the Top - Microsoft Dynamics Business Central has predictive and adaptive capabilities built into the embedded business intelligence who delivers information that puts you in the driver’s seat. You can identify the pain points and rectify them in a short time.

More than a Simple ERP - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools. It unifies core business processes and empowers employees to make informed decisions that can improve margins and cash flow, which are crucial for business growth.

Suits your Working Style - You can customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to suit the specific needs of your business. Also, it’s well-supported globally by partners who offer integrated and industry-specific solutions.

Transfigure the Way You Work and Connect - Dynamics 365 Business Central enables your workforce to connect and perform business functions wherever they are, in-office or remote location. The employees can also connect directly via emails, voice calls and messages.

Lowers the Risk Ratio - Trust is crucial while finding an accounting solution for your business. And perhaps, Microsoft as the most trusted brand around the world. Thus, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can be assured of world-class security, support, and maintenance.

Enables Faster and Smarter Work - Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers tailored roles that enables your employees to access resources specific to their job functions. It seamlessly works with Microsoft products that your employees are already acquainted with, promoting faster and smarter work.

Provides Flexible Deployment Models - Dynamics 365 Business Central is not only available for on-premises but also for cloud adoption. The solution also has the mobility to alter the deployment methods as per the business requirement.

Drives your Business - Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with flexible and innovative tools that empower your employees, enabling them to be productive and proactive.
This means your business will always progress and you’ll always stay ahead of your competitors.

Supports and Drives your Business Growth - With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will easily incorporate new processes and extra lines of business that enable you to rescale and meet higher demands without impacting business performance and outcome.

Just because of Dynamics 365 Business Central that empowers the business without straining the IT budget.

Author's Bio: 

Terrance is a business consultant for implementing Dynamics 365 Business Applications.