Homeowners have to make decisions when planning to renovate their kitchens. Most of the decisions involve the type of cabinetry units being installed. While color, style, and hardware are important considerations, they play second to the decision to install framed or frameless cabinets.

So, are frameless cabinets good enough for you? You can only make this decision once you know about this type of cabinetry.

What are frameless cabinets?

Frameless kitchen cabinets have their doors directly attached to the cabinet box. This gives more space to the interior of the cabinet. It is a contemporary design loved by many homeowners because of the numerous benefits it has.

What are the benefits of frameless cabinets?

Here are some convincing reasons why you should install frameless cabinets instead of framed cabinets.

Ample storage

The top reason is always about storage. The absence of a frame in the cabinetry units creates more space for homeowners. More storage space means that the kitchen will be less cluttered. It also means that you can add more essential stuff in the kitchen as there is more space.

Sleek lines

Homeowners seeking a minimalistic style in their kitchens enjoy the sleek design of frameless cabinets. They appear neat and clean. It makes the kitchen feel comfortable and modern.

Fully customizable

There are many styles of frameless cabinets from which you can choose your preference. This ensures that the kitchen has the personal touch of the homeowner.


It is an affordable option that homeowners have when renovating their kitchens. Frameless cabinets are cost-effective because they are easy to be constructed. Homeowners can easily find these cabinetry units online. It takes about 48 hours to ship RTA cabinets, which are mostly frameless.

A few drawbacks to note

While the benefits of frameless cabinets are sufficient to convince you, considering the following drawbacks might also help you make an informed judgment.

Not as durable as framed cabinets

Framed cabinets have good interior stability than frameless cabinets . This hampers the long-term durability of the frameless cabinetry option. To avert this drawback, you have to buy hardwood that will last longer.

Higher installation cost

The installation cost of frameless cabinets is slightly higher despite its initial low cost of purchase. You need an expert that can install them appropriately for you to enjoy the aesthetics that come with them. This is why you will pay more for an experienced carpenter.


Frameless cabinetry is an option worth exploring if you are planning a kitchen remodeling. Just ensure you do it right to enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

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