Wedding planning is big business. Most people are content to hire a professional wedding planner, simply because of the intense organization that is needed and the stress it will bring about. There is also the fact that many of today’s brides are busy career women and do not have the hours to spare for planning such a labor intensive event. Wedding planners can cost a thousand or more dollars and this is the biggest reason brides today are turning to wedding planner apps.

Wedding apps are designed to incorporate all of the best of the software that professional planners use in their jobs. This gives you the “lay planner” the same tools to use to plan an event that will be newsworthy. One of the first features you will see when you load a wedding planner iPad app is the budget planner. All great weddings should start here. Nothing else will be made possible until you know what you need and what you have to spend to get it. The budget is customizable so you can add things that fare unique to your wedding alone.

Saving time is one of the biggest reasons that brides give for using wedding planner apps. And having their plans accessible no matter where they may be is also at the top of the list. If a bride wanted to work on her wedding details on her lunch break it is now possible, in the past that would have meant carrying around a variety of different notebooks or day planners and that oversized bridal book. That books alone weighs over 5lbs.

One of the most compelling reasons why you should choose a wedding app is that inspiration can hit at anytime, anywhere, why risk losing the focus of the idea by having to wait hours to jot it down. Many wedding planning app have a notes section, so you can jot down your ideas and organize them later. This software has been available for the Personal computer for years, it is now mobile apps giving you the freedom to work at home and away. There are a lot of changes to how we do things in the 21st century and planning a wedding is just one of them.

Wedding apps have some great features. One will actually let you view wedding dresses from some of the most famous designers and it will also tell you where to find the gown you like locally. It gives you instant access to vendors in your area as well as their phone numbers and routes to get to their establishments.

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Wedding planner app may never fully replace traditional wedding planners but they are making it a great deal easier for brides on a tighter budget to have a magnificent wedding. The wedding planner iPhone app at iWedPlanner are directly connected to your online website and this gives you plenty of options. Your “to do” list, RSVP’s, budgets and vendor details can be uploaded to the site so that you can more easily coordinate with those helping you to plan.