Being a cougar might sound like something out of a movie? Cougars exist and they actually found some young men who they can date. What women need to understand is that this role can actually apply to everyone who is looking for a way to have a good time with men who want to take you on the adventure of your life.

A cougar can date younger men

A woman who is more mature and has gotten older would always be happy to adventure with a younger man. She can actually be able to afford do such an extravagant thing. Not having to worry about financial insecurities and other details that have happened in her life during her youth years can help her relax about this situation. A cougar is actually having the chance of dating men that she only thought of during her youth and she is not going to back up because she is now free and understands what that means.

A cougar can dress the way she wants to

A cougar is a woman who can make choices for herself and by herself. She is not a person that depends on other people. She can look and dress the way she wants to. It doesn’t matter what others think. She has the means to actually in the best wardrobe as well as in the way she looks like. She is always looking her best and never out of shape. A cougar is a casual dresser only when there is no one around. She puts a great accent on the way she looks like and she likes to fit the part.

A cougar has the means to celebrate the way she wants to

A cougar is a person that puts a lot of emphasis on her way of spending her time. This has to have a lot of quality. Not having a quality time cannot work for this woman. She is looking for a great time to spend it as well. That is why she is always looking into dating some younger men. She knows that these men are there to offer her the time of her life and they are giving the best to show her that. This means that the cougar is going to be involved with a man who is always looking for the future, the next best thing that can happen to them.

A cougar doesn’t have the pressure of the family anymore

A cougar is a woman who has been through everything that is common. She has had a family and she has raised children. She has decided that after they are all grown up and she got divorced, it is time for her to take care of her own self. This is when she has decided that it is time to put a bit of effort into it and actually try and date some men that maybe at some point were out of her league. The maturity and the financial status are the best cards to play in this case. Men are more attracted to these qualities. And because these women have already been through the family stuff, she knows that this is going to take the pressure off. There is nothing serious anymore that can ruin the relationship.

A cougar can spend money on what she wants

A cougar is a financial independent woman that has the power to buy anything she wants. She does invest in anything that is of interest to her and she is always looking for the best thing around the corner. Such a woman doesn’t shy away from spending most of her money on the way she looks. It does help her get more confident about her self-image and also gives her the power to choose whoever young man she wants. Having the financial means brings her a lot of liberty that she cannot take for granted. A woman like this is responsible as well. She will never spend her time or her money on something that doesn’t pan out eventually.

A cougar is reliving her younger self

A cougar is a woman of a certain age who relives her young self. She has the means and the want to do what she always wanted. She can go traveling and she can choose who to sleep with and also be very blunt about the decisions she is making. She is not one to shy away from anything anymore. She knows that what she wants she can get and there is no time to waste on the little things. She already has been through the family life and has raised children and she is now getting her youth years back. This makes her very happy with her decision. At least she will not end up regretting what she didn’t do until now.

These are some of the most important reasons for why women choose to be cougars. This doesn’t mean that most women over 40 need to think about how to become a cougar. But these sort of life arrangements will always make someone happy on the long run. Having a younger man by your side can actually open a lot of doors to such a woman. She is going on the adventure of her life and never needs to dwell on the pas one if not happy.

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Justin is a relationship psychologist and blogger. His best success is helping to build strong relationships between older woman(cougar) and young man.