Breakups are generally hard for the people involved. Feeling this way is perfectly normal. Considering how important relationships are, knowing that someone we love no longer returns the feeling can be devastating. However, if you are fooling yourself if you think that contacting ex girlfriend will help you get her back!

Of course, it's only natural that you don't want your ex to move on without you .You're probably so scared that they might move on that you're willing to do anything to stop her.

It will take some time before your girlfriend finds someone else especially if you had a long relationship together so you don't have to panic. Why is it like this? Because you and your partner are involved deeply with each other that it would take a long time to destroy it. It took you a long time to get to that level of intimacy. Hence, it only makes sense that it would also take a long time for the intimacy to disappear.

Even if they are seeing someone else, she is definitely still thinking about you. She is likely comparing her new relationship with what you once had.

That being said, you have to reconsider the idea of contacting your ex girlfriend. She needs time to figure out what she wants and you have to give her that time. She in herself must be in a dilemma so she needs space to figure out where she wants to go next.

When not contacting ex girlfriend, you should put the focus on yourself. This means improving some aspects of your life that you may have neglected in the past. Do you need to reconnect with your friends? Do you think you're a few pounds overweight? Do you wish you can start ticking things off your to do list? Improve your life instead of contacting ex girlfriend.

Whatever you think needs improvement, work on it. This is so your ex will find something better in your when you see each other. There's a good chance that the two of you still love each other - the only problem is that life problems have managed to get in and deteriorate the relationship. What you have to do is change into the person she loved.

Once you started wanting your ex rather than needing her then it's time to focus your attention in contacting ex girlfriend again. Try going to a date with her again. Try to keep your date as simple as possible. You could try viewing it as your first date together.

Treat the relationship as a new one simply because it actually is. If you don't start off with a clean slate then the two of you might revert back to your old and damaging ways.

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