People across the globe tend to use shortcuts so that they can carry on illegal work without getting caught. Using fake degrees from diploma mills, fake licenses, fake work experience certificates, lying in resumes is becoming a fashion these days to get employment.

Seeing these trends employers are now taking cautions to eradicate the problem of fake hiring, because eventually they have to bear the cost of hiring process, loss of time, increased turnover, and occupational/criminal fraud.

Pursuing the above mentioned situation employers and HR professionals should make it their policy never to hire a candidate without proper credentialing via primary source verification.

Primary source verification is the key component of credentialing process. A primary source is the original source of a specific credential that can verify the accuracy of a qualification reported by an individual job applicant. Primary source verification in the credentials review process requires obtaining information directly from the originating source.

Organizations are required to perform primary source verification related to educational documents of produced by the applicant, work experience documents, licensure (work/driving), identity etc. The information required for credentialing via Primary Source Verification can be done in two ways.

1. Verifying Documents from the Originating Source.

2. Verifying Information via Phone Calls.

All the paper documents like degrees, certificates and licensure can be verified directly from the universities, colleges and licensing boards. By writing a letter to the issuing authority or to the college/university registrar, who hold all the educational records of institution, is the best way to check any prospective employee's authenticity because clean educational background is a good sign, not only for employer/business but also for the credibility of an organization.

Similarly work experience and competency levels can also judged perfectly through credentialing via Primary Source Verification. Every employer must take consent when receiving a job application from the candidate that they will inquire about their previous job experience and competency level by calling to their previous managers of supervisors. Primary source verification is the best method to reference check an employee. Because that process will perfectly identify any discrepancy at previous workplace regarding behavior, working ethics and performance level.

Benefits of Credentialing Process via Primary Source Verification:

Using Primary Source Verification method in hiring employees is the best solution available to avoid all risks associated with fake people, under performers, uneducated frauds, criminals, terrorists etc. The employers get ultimate benefits and the best employees which helps them and their business to grow from millions to trillions. Eleven basic advantages of hiring an employee through primary source verification process are listed below;

1. A more qualified workforce
2. reduced turnover
3. increased workforce productivity
4. enhanced workplace safety
5. decreased employer liability
6. reduced absenteeism
7. competitiveness
8. increased brand value
9. risk redemption
10. And off course profit boost.

Primary source verification is a very detailed and professional process, and employers must hire best primary source Verification Company to get their employment verification done perfectly. Best employment Verification Company will always be compliant to laws, accredited with National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Their performance, authenticity and quality of work can be easily judged by their existing clientele, by their worldwide association through web and social mediums. Always rely on the quality of work they do, not on the price they take because a negligent hiring lawsuit can not only cost you once but it will damage your image once and forever.

Author's Bio: 

Muhammad Saad Khan is a Writer, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Philanthropist. He has volunteered his life to write about different crimes in society and his recent research explains that credentialing via primary source verification can help employers to avoid negligent hiring lawsuit, loss of time, money and credibility of business.