Talking about current affairs, what is the first think that comes to our minds? a majority would answer, news about politics and the world of entertainment. Why is it so? Because these things have gained much exposure and are the buzzword of our daily life. However, current affairs include news/information on every walk of life, all the incidents, ranging from small fights to big terrorist attacks. Affairs of the business world, world of education etc are preferred by only a specific group of people. Today, all the news items are dramatized and produced in an exaggerated manner. It has become a mode of entertainment rather than a mode to gain general knowledge and educate ourselves. Instead of restoring to newspapers, quiz books etc; people resort to fancy magazines that target a particular industry or area of knowledge. This has led to our confined knowledge and lack of proper understanding of the world.

Precaution is better than cure they say. What does it actually imply here? It means you must stay protected as much as you, instead of being ignorant, falling prey and looking for cure. Current affairs help us stay protected and under constant care. How? they provide us with information, which helps us to understand the real world. Current affairs are our only touch with the outside world, they give us a medium to step out of our confined houses and contact the world we live in, analyze the environment and take necessary steps. However, lack of knowledge of current affairs can have adverse consequences. It might affect you physically but it hampers your mental growth. A person who has a good general knowledge will have a broader view of life and can perform better, both academically and personally. He/she can also be an influential person in a social gathering and can lead a healthy life. On the contrary, a person who lacks proper general knowledge will always fall victims to rumors or untrue stories and lead a delusional life. Thus, it has become a must to resort to quiz books, as they are a fun way to gain general knowledge. Also, for everyday dose you have the newspapers, business magazines, etc.

Realizing the importance of Current affairs is very essential. It must be kept in mind, that today no entrance exam/ interview can be cleared with the proper general knowledge; hence one must stay updated and stay aware.

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