What is DevOps
DevOps is the combination of two different worlds. It unites two team. It combines two words.

What are they?
1. Development
2. Operations
It serves as a bridge between Dev and Ops teams. The idea of DevOps is to promote collaboration and communication between the teams to fasten up the work flow.
And what a great idea it was?!

Since we all know unity is strength. Two teams working together, communicating, resolving issues on hand, all guided by a super smart plan is surely a win-win situation for any organization.

This work effectiveness becomes the reason of DevOps getting so much fame and adaption in such a short span of time. The value it was providing to organizations was uncanny and hard to ignore. This became the reason for organizations to adapt DevOps, provide DevOps training to their forming employees so they adapt and understand DevOps practicessuch as infrastructure as code, and work together to deliver better results.

Today, DevOps is among the fastest growing IT tends and most in-demand. You can find many job openings for DevOps engineers and therefore, a big number of young enthusiasts diving into this career. Not only because there are more job openings, or it is the current trend but also because DevOps engineers are some of the highly compensated people out there.

Now, the important questions are,
• If or not DevOps is a good choice in the coming future.
• What is its career path?
• Will it matter after 10 years from now?
Since DevOps is not only a career choice but practices, process, tools, and infrastructure. It is a moment. So, let us discuss how it is going to nourish and flourish in the coming future and how is DevOps as a career choice.

Is DevOps a good career choice?
DevOps involves computerizing programing conveyance jst as updates of infrastructure, so there are specific services and tools included. In any case, most fundamentally DevOps intends to change how the pieces of a program association cooperate, by sitting between development, operations, and QA, and applying a blend of mechanization tooling and joint effort rehearses.

By connecting customary storehouses with computerization and coordinated effort, the association can work agreeably to develop, test, and discharge refreshes quickly and dependably. Both program items and infrastructure updates can be discharged with far less hazard and vulnerability, making the association progressively receptive to clients.

DevOps is just a couple of years old. Numerous DevOps specialists began as multilingual programmers or sysadmin coders with some understanding and management experience on infrastructure. The regular attribute is the capacity to move between operations, development, and testing teams. You can without much of a stretch begin in DevOps as a developer, DBA, sysadmin, QA, or somewhere else, insofar as you're willing to take on adapting new apparatuses and advances and get completely associated with what different groups in your association are doing.

A vocation in DevOps calls for interest, and a readiness to broadly educate outside the safe place and suppositions of your present job. Being a fruitful scaffold crosswise over groups requires a major picture comprehension of the business. The wide (versus profound) approach will pick up hands-on skills in various jobs and conditions. You'll be always adapting new advancements and aptitudes that can be connected somewhere else, so DevOps will shield you from getting categorized into one way.

Your resume will look somewhat more creative than the normal developer, QA analyst, or sysadmin, yet that is actually what you need.

DevOps Career Benefits
Besides a few things we have discussed above, here we will be discussing the fruitful advantages of opting DevOps as a career now more than ever.

• Greater Job opportunities: Today, you can find many different job openings for people with experience on DevOps. It is not just about greater job opportunities or more opening but also demand. A DevOps engineer is considered far more worthy than a normal developer or engineer. Also, DevOps is till a pretty new field and there are far lesser people to compete with. With the growing number of organizations moving towards DevOps, it has become pretty crucial for a person to think of DevOps as a career to get advantages of being in the trend. You can also get a relevant certification from any reputed website online to add weightage to your resume and becoming the clear choice fore your employer.

• Handsome Pay scale: The more the job demands the greater is the pay scale. Since, the competition is pretty less now and job openings are more, a DevOps is engineer is paid generously with loads of side bonuses. Especially, if you have a certification, chances are you are among the highest paid individuals globally.

• Career Advancements: With DevOps, you don’t only get the job you desire but also further career advancements that other employees might miss. Since DevOps makes the process faster and smoother, this means more satisfied clients, cost-cutting, and less efforts. That results in rapid career growth and better future prospects.
• Resume that calls for a job: When you have DevOps on your resume, you become 10 times more attractive to your employers. Your resume literally calls for a job and your employers find it really hard to ignore it. So, if you are aspired to make your resume irresistible for employers, just grab in some cool skills, get handy with DevOps tools and practices and you are good to go.
• Cool Jobs: With DevOps, jobs are far more interesting, engaging, and even simpler. Since DevOps is all about communications, coordination, and collaboration between Dev and Ops team. The jobs related to DevOps don’t only involve hard core skills and technical knowledge but also soft skills and innovation. DevOps become less of a job and more of a culture into an organization. It improves the process continuously and ensures that organizations get the most benefits and don’t face the problems and issues they were facing in the past.

So, if you are interested in DevOps and only need an affirmation to start, here it is. Dive into this awesome trend and welcome success with both your hands.

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