Why did my girlfriend flirt with my friend? She has really upset me. We have been going out together for a whole three weeks, I love her and want to be with her for the rest of my life, nobody else ever but her, she is my twin flame, my soul mate. It is wonderful. Then a few days ago I spotted her chatting on the phone with my friend Paul and she was laughing and joking seeming very familiar with him and then she said something very sexy to him. I could hardly believe my ears, here she was being intimate with my friend when she is with me, and is mine!

The day after she was talking about my friend Paul in glowing terms, about how much she likes him, about how wonderful he is, and suggesting we go out with him and his wife for a foursome for lunch somewhere. Quite brazenly trying to put me off the scent in an effort to show she is innocent and done no wrong, scheming. Still I did not say a word to her, I wanted to catch her out and be able to prove it so that she could not feign innocence and insist I was misunderstanding.

I have had this same problem with all of my girlfriends. Every time I start to see someone, after we have been together for a bit and have become a real item they cheat or flirt or go off or lie to me. Only this time we have been together for weeks, not just a short time. And here we are again with the same thing. These girls must think I am very stupid if they think I will not realise it or will put up with it. So I have to do the same thing I did with the others, and tell them straight that I know they do not love me and are playing around and that it is over. It will really hurt me and it will take me at least a week to get over it, the end of the World, but it must be done.

Women need to realise that they cannot hurt a man and expect him to just accept it. My psychic medium told me that she gets a lot of relationship problems come her way. I suspect she is another one who flirts and cheats and plays around, all the women seem to do it. Maybe she is hurting her poor partner too. One day I might find a decent, nice girl who is worth sticking with. In the meantime I will stay totally single.


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