Why Did You Choose to Become A Teacher?

You completed your teachers’ training, you got your QTS, it’s time to get
your first teaching job. And then, you found some vacancies, you sent your
CV and after waiting for a few days, you are finally called for an

After answering the common interview question about yourself, you are
asked: “Why did you choose to become a teacher?”

Now, if you were not prepared for this question, you might get stopped in
your tracks. You would think that I need to carefully think of a nice
answer to impress the employer. But, if you take too long to think, you
will end up creating a bad impression indeed. There were indeed a number of
factors that inspired you to choose the teaching profession. But you may
not be able to recall those things under pressure.

If you couldn’t answer that question properly, you can still get selected
for the position based on your overall performance. But if you were not
selected, do not fret. Because it is not the end of the world. People do
not always get hired for a job they gave an interview for the first time.

In this blog, we will tell you about the possible answers you can give to
the employers if and when you are asked about your

reason to become a teacher


Sharing the love of learning

If you’ve ever been taught by a teacher who genuinely liked their subject,
you knew that it made the lectures extra enjoyable. In fact, research
indicates that two of the most essential factors of teaching are the
quality of training and how nicely a teacher knows their subject material.

Getting your pupils excited about matters you love is simply one way you
can share a love of learning. Moreover, you’ll get to explore new topics
and learn alongside the children. You’ll also have the chance to become a
pupil again. As new technologies and educational techniques are introduced,
and historical events unfold in real-time, you’ll constantly be gaining
knowledge of something new.

Teaching makes differences

Experienced instructors constantly marvel at the invaluable joys of seeing
the development of their students. Through time, they acquire new
knowledge, a deeper interest in the subject, and study what fires their
passion most. Your role as an instructor is to mould the future by means of
influencing students’ views and comprehension. Moreover, you’d assist them
to improve behaviour, view the world from a positive perspective, adopt
creativity, and discover the potential they need to lead a productive life.

Teaching is the best profession in the world

Not solely because it is a noble profession, but it additionally allows you
to be constantly innovative and be better professionally. In each lesson,
you can hone your creativity by including interest to seize your students’
attention. Teachers in modern times have lots of possibilities on their
arms to be innovative and exhaust all strategies possible to make an ideal
learning environment for students.

You’ll have more than just a job

Most of the time, instructors enjoy an amazing summer vacation, not to
point out spring vacations and holiday breaks. If you’re a teacher with
kids, this is an excellent benefit since you’ll get to spend a pleasant
time with them because they’ll be on vacation too. Alternatively, you’ll
get more time to work as a summer school teacher. You can also travel or
pursue things that you enjoy doing.


We take it that you read this blog until this point. And if you did, then
you should have pretty good ideas about how to answer ‘that’ question
properly. You can also write down other things that you think influenced
you to become a teacher.

Bonus note; as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”, rehearse a few
times before going for an interview and select the best possible answer for
the question “Why did you choose to become a teacher?”

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I am a lifelong writer