We all wish to have a bathroom that offers a typical spa like environment. Besides, a well organised and beautiful bathroom is the secret to make your mornings turn smooth. After all, nothing can beat the convenience of stepping into a bathroom in the morning and reaching out to everything that’s in place. A clutter-free bathroom space offers a calming atmosphere and meanwhile also speeds up things for the user. Indeed there is a tonne of ways to organise a bathroom and to make the place look more relaxing. 

If you are of the opinion that you do not need to hire a professional organiser in Melbourne, you are welcome, but it may just be not enough! Why? Go through the steps below and you will find it yourself.

Tips to organise a bathroom 

Whether you will admit this or not, but the bathroom is comparatively easier to organise. Even the slightest change can bring upon the biggest effect. 


First things first! Reach out to the bathroom and start with great decluttering. There are several items which need to be de-cluttered. Keep your eyes on them. If you find them misplaced, get them to their position right away. 

Keeping the counter clutter-free 

Except for a few items, keep others away from the counter. Get a tray and place it on the counter. Keep your daily essentials on the tray so that each time you need them you don’t have to ransack the space. For effective bathroom organisation, always keep the counter tidy. Make sure the items you need are pushed back to 1/3rd of the counter space. 

Did you notice the inner side of your cabinet door? 

When you want to gain extra space, there is nothing like using the inner side of cabinet doors which can hold a variety of items. You can basically store your hair styling and morning items in the door storage. You can even keep your face towels and cleaning cloths inside these petite organisers. 

Drawer dividers are of great help! 

Cluttered bathrooms are not good. It’s where we lose most of our essentials. Even the cluttered drawers need some management. So that you don’t lose things inside a drawer and ultimately spend half of your time trying to find your item, bring home the acrylic drawer divider which will help you segregate goods. The divider will help you keep things in place. Store all types of similar things together in a compartment. 

Get a caddy for every member of your family 

Don’t want your things to get messed up with those of your husband’s? Bring home a caddy for each and every member. Now, like an expert, fill the caddies with personal care products and label each and every caddy so that in the morning your family members don’t have to struggle finding their things. It keeps everything in a single place. 

Add in a laundry bin 

Since you will be taking up a DIY project, make sure you are almost working like a home organising services provider. Get home a laundry bin to find a place for the wet towels and dirty linen. It’s indeed a great way to sort your laundry which often becomes an eyesore for a bathroom. 

Hang up the towels 

Now that you need to ensure your bathroom looks absolutely clean and organised, we will recommend you hang up the bath towels instead of using towel bars. You can always keep the hand towels on the bars. Get a hook for every family member so that they can accordingly hang their towels. 

Thus you see, it takes a lot to organise our bathroom. And if you want it to do as perfectly as professional organisers in Melbourne, it might not always be possible. That’s why you must hire a professional for bathroom organisation. 

Remember, proper organisation of your bathroom can bring upon a massive impact on your entire household and you must not compromise on that. 

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a home organising services company. In recent times the author has been shedding light on key areas of home organising.