The business may need mornington peninsula storage for all kinds of reasons. Self-storage is a great idea for businesses that are expanding to new territory, have surplus inventory, or for home businesses without warehouses to store inventory.

Cost of the benefits of Business Self Storage are:


• You pay monthly and are not locked into long-term contractors like you are with a warehouse.
• You don't need a large bond or bank guarantee.
• The cost of storage space is competitive with the cost of office and warehouse space.
• Use your office or warehouse space for revenue-generating goods and put the rest in storage.
• Mobile self-storage often comes with free delivery so they can assist you to move in your goods quickly and affordably.


• Most self storage facilities have 24-hour CCTV security which gives you peace of mind.
• Storing documents off site protects your valuable documents in case of fire.
• You lock your own storage box and keep the keys so its completely secure.


• 7-day, 24-hour access to most facilities
• Most companies will have forklifts and trailers on site if you are receiving deliveries of goods or inventories to the self storage facility.
• Trolley's other tools are available to make moving your goods easier.
• Packaging materials are available on site and for delivery with mobile storage services.


• You can store your goods for a minimum of a month and cancel any time after that so you are not stuck in a long-term contract if your circumstances change.
• You can always increase or decrease the amount of space you need or even the location you store your goods within the same franchise.

Some of the main reason’s businesses use self storage?

• Document storage
• Prototype storage
• Point of sale equipment storage
• Office relocation furniture storage
• Trade business storage such as plumbers, builders, plasters
• Storage of imported and exported goods
• Small business excess inventory storage
• Seasonal demand surplus such as Christmas stock storage
• Home business storage
• Storage of inventory in a new territory or location

Self Storage caters for the needs of small and big business alike by making managing documents, inventory, relocation and restructuring easier. Self Storage offers secure, convenient and flexible storage solutions that allow you to focus on your business while leaving the storage business to us.

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