An integrated command and control center provides real-time information for data-driven decisions. It can also be used to bring discipline to a city.

Data-driven decisions can help a city function optimally. System integrators can seamlessly integrate systems required for providing real-time information to the city administrators. NEC India has developed an integrated command and control center for smart cities.

The integrated command and control center integrated all systems in a smart city. These include automated parking systems, smart waste management systems, transport management systems, public safety solutions, and traffic management systems.

Live feeds from IP-based cameras will help city administrators make data-driven decisions. These embedded cameras used in the solutions are edge devices that can process visual data in real-time.

Automated parking system utilizes parking sensors to provide real-time data about the level of utilization in a parking lot. A public safety solution can help in video analytics for crowd behavior analysis and behavior detection.

An integrated command and control center can also help in taking proactive measures to control the level of pollution. Environmental sensors can provide accurate data about PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels in the air. Graded responses can be taken based on the air quality index.

Traffic can be managed with the help of automated number plate recognition and red light violation detection. These solutions provide real-time information about the queues at traffic junctions. This helps the traffic authorities synchronize the traffic lights.

Electronic challans can be issued to the violators in real-time. Smart waste management system uses CCTV and RFID technology to ensure efficient door-to-door waste collection. A city-level dashboard provides the authorities access to essential data like the number of garbage bins to be collected.

The IT solution provider has integrated smart systems in Kalyan-Dombivli. The smart city operations center of Kalyan-Dombivli has been integrated with other systems, including an intelligent transport management system, a smart parking system, and a smart waste management system.

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