The popularity of digital nomads is quickly gaining these days and there are countless individuals from all around the world that are interested in this career path.

In case you are not aware, a digital nomad is a person that has a profession that is free from a physical location. Most digital nomads are either remote workers or entrepreneurs. Because of the fact that people value their work-life balance, the popularity growth of digital nomads keeps going up.

In the year 2014, it was shown that one-fifth of freelancers living in Spain came from other countries. In the time since then there was an even faster rise in autonomous work in the country. Statistics show us that by 2020, around 50% of the population of the country will have complete freedom and could do remote work.

As a remote worker or a digital nomad, you need to figure out where to base your camp. This means that the city that you choose to live in is very important. Spain is a wonderful choice for digital nomads, with Seville standing out as among the most popular cities for such workers. Here is why you want to visit the area for much more than just private tours in Seville.

A Healthy Work-Life Balance

The country is known in Europe as being a place where people take it slowly and really enjoy their life. Spaniards actually have a very high life expectancy, the highest in the entire world. This is basically because of people living slowly. You will get used to it really fast after you reach Seville.

Those that want to do remote work never want to be physically linked to their computer. They want to fully enjoy their day. This is exactly what locals are all about.

Having a healthy work-life balance is vital to being happy. This, in turn, is really important if you want to be successful in your career.

Amazing Landscapes and Weather

No matter how we look at things, the weather in Seville is definitely fantastic. This is true for every single day of the year and is a huge reason why people are attracted to the city. Obviously, the very best seasons when you want to visit are between March and June or September and December. You can easily make the most of the sunny months and the really warm weather without having to deal with the huge hustle and bustle of the tourist season. You can make a home in one of the countless autonomous communities in Seville and you will be surrounded by incredible landscapes. Also, it is so easy to just go visit another great part of Spain whenever you want to. Even weekend getaways to other European countries are simple.

An Innovative Community

Seville is actually well-known from the fact that it wants to innovate. There are countless inspiring and innovative communities all around Spain, with Seville being among the liveliest and most active.

Obviously, Barcelona and Madrid are where you can find most startup communities and entrepreneurial hubs but you should never neglect Seville. Countless digital nomads call the city home and will welcome you with open arms.

Costs Of Living

For digital nomads, it is usually really important to choose a destination with low living costs. You will be happy to hear that countless remote workers actually go to Seville because living costs are low. While they are not as low as destinations like Thailand or Bali, we are still faced with one of the most affordable European countries. You just need a very modest income to be able to sustain yourself in the city of Seville.

Many are surprised to hear this but they can comfortably live in Seville for under 1,000 EURO per month. This is actually much less than in many other countries.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, if you want to move to a country in Europe and do work as a digital nomad, Spain is definitely something to consider, with Seville being among the more interesting cities you want to visit anyway. Just make sure that you conduct really good research. Obviously, there is no destination in the world that is perfect for all digital nomads. You should only move if the city is great for you.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.