Some colors are unique but a majority of homeowners don’t seem to like them. Why do you think some colors are unpopular? Well, we will explore all the reasons that make bold colors like matte black unpopular in the kitchen.

Top reasons why homeowners don’t prefer matte black kitchen cabinets

1. They are expensive

The top reason why matte black kitchen cabinets are unpopular among many homeowners is that they are expensive. The expensive nature of matte black cabinetry is relative because there are some stores where you can find these cabinets at affordable prices. However, the fact that they are unpopular makes them hard to find, thus, increasing their market value.

It is the same reason why matte black cabinetry is mostly found in wealthy homes. If you don’t want this reason to affect your judgment of matte black cabinetry, you can shop online to find affordable options.

2. Kitchen space

Before you install matte black kitchen cabinets in your home, you must have enough kitchen space. Dark cabinetry requires more space because the light matters. They do not reflect light, and thus, make the kitchen feel squeezed. If your kitchen is small, it will appear to be even small with dark cabinets installed.

There are two things that a homeowner can do to install matte black kitchen cabinets in a limited kitchen space. The first thing is to open up the window space to allow more natural light to the kitchen. The other option is to add artificial light fixtures to add more light.

3. Low resale value

If you are remodeling your kitchen to sell your home in the future, you must know that dark kitchen have a low resale value. They are not as attractive as bright kitchens. Dark kitchens have a few people who like them. Therefore, it might be beneficial to make such a remodeling move.

The only way you can get value is if you have a specific buyer in mind. The buyer has to be rich to appreciate the value of matte black kitchen cabinets in a home.

4. Personal preference

Some people do not like dark cabinetry just because they do not prefer dark colors in the house. This reason is enough to make you opt-out of this option because personal preference is a major consideration when remodeling your home. If you are uncomfortable with a color, you shouldn’t force yourself to like it.

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