Why Do I Attract Negative People and Things?
Article by Terry Wildemann, CEC, CPCC

When negative people and things constantly come into our lives – at home and in the workplace – take notice how much you could be contributing to attracting them due to negativity in the form of YOUR words, thoughts and actions. How often do you say or hear these phrases?

Here comes ______. They suck the life out of me with their negativity!
I despise going to work. Everyone is so negative!
Here comes the “Gossip Queen/King” They love talking about everyone behind their back.
UGH! If I hear Suzy Jo talk about her gall bladder surgery again I’m going to throw up!

Now ask yourself……

How did it feel reading these comments? Did it make you feel good or bad?
Where do you feel each phrase in your body? Chest, head, knee, jaw….

Which of the following questions ring true for you and be very honest with yourself.

“How often do I…..”

“…say negative things?”
“…focus on what’s wrong around me instead of what’s right?”
“…criticize and judge others”
“….constantly read negative stuff in the newspapers and watch negative stuff on TV?”
“…play video games that focus on negative things?”
…”tell the world about all of my aches and pains?”

Law of Attraction is at work every moment of our lives. It’s a very obedient law and it gives us what we focus on. For example, if you spend your life telling the world about, and focusing on, all of your aches and pains Law of Attraction says “yes, Master” and brings you more aches and pains. It also brings you more people who are constantly talking about their aches pains magnifying how awful you both feel as you bask in the glow of painful physical misery. STOP IT!!!!!

Instead shift into focusing on attracting positive health by saying, ” I am in the process of attracting more and better health.” or “I am in the process of feeling better and better every day.”

Believe me this works! Having been one of those who constantly focused on poor health, when I stopped talking about it, my health dramatically improved because I chose to focus ONLY on great health.

In the workplace, when we constantly complain about others for whatever reason, the more we focus on what we don’t like the bigger and bigger it gets because Law of Attraction is saying “Yes, Master.”

Try this, instead of focusing on what’s wrong, focus on what’s right with the matter at hand. For example…..

“I’m glad I have a job to go to.”
“Without these customers I would not have a job.”
“I appreciate my co-workers because…”

When you hear yourself say, “I don’t want this.” Ask yourself, “So, What do you want?

I also HIGHLY recommend turning off negative TV, radio and stop reading negative newspaper stories. These things trigger negativity within us and constant diet of it can turn YOU into a “negativity King/Queen.”

To Your Success!


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Author's Bio: 

As a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and Certified Stress and Success Coach, Terry Wildemann helps her clients to create attraction alchemy by working with practical and logical tools as well as Law of Attraction principles. Merging her intuition and practical small business skills, Terry has the ability to take her clients from unfocused and insecure and shift them into becoming confident prosperity magnets.