Do you feel confused about your life or lost? Does your life feel like it has no purpose or plan, that you are just using up time? Do you wonder about when it will get better and when will you start really living your life? When you feel this way there is a reason. All of these thoughts mean something and add up to what is really missing from your life. The difference between someone who is content and someone who feels lost or even distant from their own life is realizing one thing. That thing is what is inside of you. You feel confused because you are not really connected to you; you are living only on the surface of what you are. You feel lost because you do not yet know who you are. You are waiting because your real you is absent in this life you are living. If you are not really content, it is not about something else, but about you. You are not present in your own life; therefore, you feel lost in it.

Accessing your true self enables you to feel engaged, and fully alive in your own life. If you feel distant, hazy, confused, anxious, lost, or withdrawn, know that there is a way out of feeling this way. This is not how you are meant to live, nor do you need to any longer. All of these emotions lead to one thing, to you. If we claim these feelings as signals and realize we are not connected to ourselves, then we can begin to see who we really are. If we think we are fine and the thing that is wrong in our life has nothing to do with us, then we will continue to feel lost and distant. When we assume our problems come from a source other than us, we will continue to live in the same way.

By seeing that you may be the reason you feel lost helps you to connect to you. By seeing the world around you as at fault and the reason behind your current state keeps you distant from yourself. Our happiness begins inside of us, with us first. Look at yourself; how well do you know your thoughts, your emotions, what you do, and why? How much do you pay attention to yourself? How much more do you pay attention to everything else and look to blame everything but yourself for how you feel? Does it work? Do you feel better when you look at life this way? By looking at yourself first, you stop blaming the world around you. You are the one who is responsible; no one else is to blame for how you feel.

When you pay attention to you, you begin to find out what it is you need. You find out who you really are, your true self. To live fully as you, you must let go and release any outside blame for how you are. Really look at where you are, the state you are in, and what is needed for change. It is always possible to change the life we lead. No more waiting, holding back, or resisting, but completely involved, immersed, and content in our own life. The difference between knowing yourself and not knowing is the difference between living your life content and happy or at a loss and absent from it.

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