I think it's pretty hard these days to find someone that you can really love. It doesn't matter if we admit it or not we all need someone that we can call ''my own''. We all want to experience what we experienced once as teenagers. What we called love and everyone around us called puppy love.

Time goes by and everything changes except that little need inside us to love and be loved. However, even after we meet the one we thought was the one, things might just not work out. As its said life happens and we start to experience difficulties with the one we love.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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These difficulties could be over money, or anything we think we can't stand about the other person. Then the dreaded break up happens and we go on our separate ways. Usually we just move on and think that life is better without our ex.

However there are times when we just lose it and break down and cry thinking why did we break up. We start thinking about our ex, we think about all the sweet things we did together and we wish if we could turn back time and be lovers again.

However before you start thinking about ways to get your ex back you should ask yourself the following.

Am I still in love with my ex or am I just lonely? Sometimes when you are lonely you get mixed emotions about your ex. Instead of thinking that you are just lonely you think that you still love your ex and that you want them back.

Does my ex still want me back? Just because your ex met someone new that doesn't mean that they moved on and totally forgot about you. We all cling to new people we meet right after we break only to break up at the end because it was just a rebound or a silly fling.

Will things be different if you get back to your ex? If you are planning to go back to your ex you should think about what resulted to the break up in the first place. If that reason is still there then chances are that you will break up again. Fix what needs to be fixed about the relationship then make the attempts to get back to your ex.

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The art of persuasion has been studied for centuries. Humans have tried, failed, and tried again in attempts to convince others of, well, just about anything and everything. Convincing your ex to come back to you shouldn't be too hard, as you have thousands of years worth of shoulders to stand on from which to spout your spoken word.

Repetition Works
Advertising gurus know this one. Science has proven it with brain image studies, and psychological response research results. Repetition works. Repetition works. Repetition - well, you get the idea. Just keep at it, keep trying, and keep repeating the magic words "I love you" and "I'm sorry".

Find Solutions to Past Problems, and Present Those Solutions
Let's face it: if it had been perfect, you two wouldn't have broken up to begin with. So now is not the time to bury your head and pretend nothing was ever wrong. Determine what the problems of your relationship were, and develop clear, and workable, realistic solutions to them. Then make sure you present them to your ex. They will be stunned by the time and effort spent.

Watch Your Tone
Sometimes it's not so much what you say, but how you say it. And by sometimes, I mean 93% of the time. It has been proven that only 7% of communication is the actual words used - most of our communication is done via tone, setting, body language, and personal innuendos. So just watch it - don't sound tired and irritated (even if it's for a reason unrelated).

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Use Allusions
Using allusions is common in written works, but no so much in everyday conversations. Try to draw on analogies and allude to deeper meaning when you speak. Not only will you come across as more intelligent, but also you will be more convincing, and genuine, and gain respect and authority.

Practice Speaking
Even if it's only in front of the mirror in the bathroom, or in the shower softly so no one else can hear, practice what you are going to say aloud. Ideas that are floating around in your head often times will stay unfocused, and sound strange the first time out - especially if there is emotion involved. Practice what you are going to say before you say it, and get it right the first time!

Sleep On It
Always reevaluate your argument. Make sure that in light of current developments - whatever those may be in the life of you and your ex - your argument for why it's best to get back together makes sense and is valid. If situations change that may weaken your point, it's best to reflect early and re-present than coast through blindly and fail.

Be Truthful To Yourself and To Your Ex
Of course in all this convincing, it's easy to get lost in the art of persuasion and bend the truth a bit too far. And while bending the truth is a great way to illustrate a point sometimes, just make sure nothing breaks. Be honest, of course to your ex, but most importantly to yourself.

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You can't deny it. You want them back. You have accepted it, and now it's time to get to work. If you are looking for ways to drop hints to your ex that you want them back, without be so obvious that everyone sees you as the culprit for the failed first attempt (regardless of who was at fault - sometimes it's no one's fault), try a few of these:

A Single Flower
And pick an appropriate color, depending on exactly what you want to say. Some appropriate ones may be white - for unity, orange - for desire, lavender - for falling in love, or blue - for attaining the impossible.

Start Noticing Them
You already notice them, but what we mean is start letting them know you notice them! Make comments about what they are wearing or how they may have changed their hair style, or even how they look the same (if they do). Say anything to give indication to them, that you are paying attention.

A Compliment or Two Never Hurts
Some people find it hard to give compliments. Yet for others, it comes quite naturally. Hopefully it's easy for you. And if it isn't, there's no time the present to try it out. It can be as simple and nonspecific as "you look nice". But just say something positive about how they look, or something they've done. They'll feel what you mean.

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Stand Near Them, and Just Feel
What is that nonsense about? What do you mean "just feel". It's actual scientific fact, that your heart generates a field of energy that affects others up to 3 meters away. Just stand near them, in that range, think about them, and concentrate how you feel towards them. They'll pick up on it, and they'll act on it, whether they realize it or not!

Talk to Others About Them, While They are in Earshot
This may be a bit tricky. Play carefully; it shouldn't be too obvious - but it gets the point across wonderfully. Wait until you know they are within earshot, but just out of sight, so they assume you don't know they are there. Then bring them up in conversation to another person - anyone - and say aloud how you miss them, and how you are wondering how to get them back.

Act Horribly Depressed
This works especially if the break up was rather recent, but by overacting a bit and outwardly showing signs of depression whenever your ex sees you, it will prompt their concern. Most people will just assume you're moping around because you miss them so much - and perhaps they aren't that far off in that assumption, but play it up to get more attention.

Hum a Love Song Every Time you See Them
Subtle, and yet not so. Hum a little tune - a love song that you both know - every time you see your ex. If you do it softly and consistently, they well not only get the hint, but probably be nicely flattered by it too.

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If you've recently broken up with your ex, you may already be regretting whatever circumstance has you sitting there, alone (at least at heart), reading this article! It may be time to start focusing your attention more on how to get them back, then how lonely you are without them; and here are some tips that will help you in that endeavor!

Pay Attention To You
While trying to get your ex back, the first thing that may be overlooked is really the best weapon you have in your battle, and the most important thing to keep in mind - you! Don't let your chase of your ex interfere with doing things you love, and taking care of yourself. Make sure you eat well, get enough rest, and try to reduce your stress level.

Relax. Really, Just Relax.
The more you stress, the greater damage to your body, mind, and spirit. The easiest thing to do (which so often makes it the hardest thing, as it's overlooked as not that important) is to just relax! Unwind, distress, and rejuvenate. You'll think more clearly, act more positively, and immediately be more attractive. It's just that simple.

Weight the Pros and Cons, and Then Sell the Pros
Sometimes, the best way to get someone to try again in a relationship is to point out the faults, the benefits, and then "selling" those benefits. Acknowledging the downside(s) will show your honesty and your ability to realistically approach your relationship, which gives you more credibility. And of course, really driving home the positives just reinforces the good things!

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If You Make a Promise, Keep That Promise
Nothing is more convincing than keeping your word. If you prove that you are reliable and trustworthy, then you will become relied upon and trusted. And trust is one of the (if not the) most important aspects in any relationship. So if you do go off and promise something - anything - just make sure you keep that promise.

Just Be Nice
This may sound too simple to work, but sometimes it's best to keep things simple. Think about catching bees, and how many more you'd attracted with honey than vinegar. It's an adage for a reason. Just be nice. You'll be naturally someone who others will want to be around - your ex included!

Mind the Three P's - Patience, Persistence, and Positivity
If you patient, yet persistent, and always positive, you will be more convincing. Patience is required, as convincing takes time and a lot of "no's" before "yes's" start to happen. Persistence is necessary for the same reason. And positivity - well, Just see above tip!

And Don't Forget The Romance
Romance is good for the both of you. Romance maintains youth and excitement. Even when it's "cheesy", it's still appreciated on some level. It just is. So, if you're not a natural Shakespeare, it may be worth your time to sit down with a few good chick flicks, and pay attention to the sappy details, then mimic until your ex's heart is content again with you.

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There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Back to find out more.

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