Successful marketing strategies these days all boil down to a customer-centric approach for products and services. Any marketing bigwig will advise you to retain your existing customers and rely on advocacy for gaining new prospects. They will whisper in your ear – retain your customers and look for repeat business, ROI will come with time. When a young entrepreneur with roots deep in the car audio industry decided to make budget-friendly car stereo equipment, he also looked for the voids in the industry that needed to be filled. All the big names had solutions for everything if you had enough money! Coming from the land of ZZ Top, he realized that a three-in-one solution for bass, power on/ off, and a voltage reader is a blessing for anybody looking to ensure the safety of their sound equipment. His dream turned to reality, and now you can buy a bass control knob for a car amplifier or request a universal bass knob. This innovative product is currently patent pending and has already saved many from damaging their car sound system when there was a surge or drop in voltage.

Upselling is an art and skill that comes with years of practice and interacting with customers one-on-one. It’s when a prospect asks for a family car, and you sell them an SUV. So, when a hot lead asks to buy a bass control knob for a car amplifier with two functions – switching on the amp and controlling the min/ max of the bass, and you offer them the universal bass knob, you are upselling to them. Only in this case, it’s because it’s a genuinely better product for a few dollars more.

Play safe when your car’s sound equipment is at stake
If you’ve ever wondered what the peculiar smoke is in your car while listening to music loud, you’ll understand the importance of a quick kill switch. In the case of the universal bass knob, the voltmeter reads the voltage to give you enough time to react. It’s the one thing you really need before playing your audio at a high volume with tweeters and subwoofers installed.

People easily appreciate car audio with high treble and clear audio even if it lacks the sound of the bass. Fewer people find the sound lacking something when there isn’t enough bass and can’t imagine listening to something with shrill and sharp treble but nothing for the impact the bass produces in contrast. As more people use headphones and play music at any volume they like, the market for holistic sound solutions has grown, and people want car audios that can be played loudly. Considering you can now connect thousands of tracks to your car head unit or play anything from the internet, it’s critical to have adequate bass equipment for specific genres of music.
Along with your new subwoofers, you should buy a bass control knob for amplifier to lower the effect of bass on the sound for some discerning passengers.

If you are still wondering why to buy a bass control knob for your amplifier, one of the top reasons should be safety. If you are immersed in loud music and the highway, you might panic when you first see blue smoke in your car due to a voltage issue. You might take too long to shut down your car audio and the amplifier, leading to permanent damage in that state of mind. Let’s take a quick look at the specifications of the leading bass control knob for car amplifiers-

• Dashboard mounted volume adjustment with the amplifier level control.
• While absorbed in driving you can easily adjust the amplifier gain.
• Mount it in-dash or under-dash as per your preference.
• Turn on/ off the amplifier using the rotary push feature.
• Monitor the voltage with a digital voltmeter (10V ~ 15.9V).
• Clear picture of high/ low voltage with blue LED display.
• Red clip light indicator.
• Box contains 8-pin Cat5 easy connectivity wire with screws.

The bottom line

If you’ve decided to buy the bass control knob for your car amplifier, look for a customer-centric brand that delivers what it promises and beats your expectations. You should feel confident that the sound amplification and quality of the product are superlative - you are getting great value for your money and protecting your investments in the car’s sound system.

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If you’ve ever wondered what the peculiar smoke is in your car while listening to music loud, you’ll understand the importance of a quick kill switch.