Why Do I Still Love My Ex? I'm In a New Relationship but I Still Think about My Ex

After a breakup, it can often times be hard to get over your ex. But exactly why do you still love them? This can be something frustrating especially if your ex was the one who messed up and caused you heartache. Here are a few things that can be leading you to still love them. Pay very close attention to these tips...

You Miss Them
This is one of the most obvious reasons as to why you are still hung up on your ex. Thinking about your ex is not always a bad thing, but is a great way to tell that you are not completely over them yet. If they want nothing to do with you, this can be hard to deal with.

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This Can Be a Good Thing
If you are still hung up on your ex, it can be both beneficial as well as bad. It can mean that there still may be a shot with them, and maybe they feel the same but are just afraid to show it.

Are These Feelings Lingering?
You may be hung up on them still if you are not the one that initiated the breakup. Holding onto feelings can happen for a number of reasons, and these may be what is keeping you hung up on them.

There Are Regrets
Do you have regrets about the relationship? Is there something or a number of things that you didn't say or do that you wish you would have? These can all be things that are keeping you hooked to your ex.

Think Clearly
Before you start deciding that you can't be without your ex, think for a second about what you are doing. Does your ex want you back? Why waste your time on them if they want nothing to do with you.

There Are Two Options
When it comes to your options, you can both hold on to those feelings and never do anything about it except always wonder, or two, you can address your feelings and approach your ex.

You Aren't Alone
If you are feeling this way, your ex may or may not feel the same as well. Depending on what you have been doing and how you have been acting, your ex may be hiding his feelings as well. Determine whether you want to approach them and talk to them or simply let go and cut all ties.

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Once a relationship has ended, many people begin to notice their ex giving them signs of wanting them back. There are occasions when a relationship will end for the wrong reasons, and many that could have been prevented. If you are one of the many people that think you are noticing signs from your ex, there are ways to know for sure.

Has Your Ex Reached Out to You?
The first sign that you will notice is your ex making the attempt to reach out to you. If they are the one who makes the first step, you will know there is a chance. This could be done several ways such as speaking directly to you, having friends talk to you, or contacting you through the phone.

Does Your Ex Make Physical Contact?
This could be from a hug, kiss, or even the way they look at you. If your ex is interested in getting back with you, they will look at you just the same as when you were together. If they try to hold you, or kiss you, obviously they are still attracted to you.

Do You See Your Ex A Lot?
If an ex is constantly trying everything in their power just to be near you, it is apparent that they want to be closer to you again. If they want you back they might figure that by being close to you, it will prove that they still care.

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Has Your Ex Pointed Out Mistakes?
The reason most relationship fail is simply due to a small mistake. There is not one person that is perfect, or ever will be. If your ex can admit to past mistakes and have a desire to fix those mistakes, than there is a chance a relationship will work.

Is Your Ex Interested in Someone?
For many people once a relationship is over, they begin pursuing new people. If your ex has not begun new relationships, it may be a sign that they have not moved on. This is especially a good sign if they are constantly showing interest in you.

Are the Signs Permanent?
Is your ex showing signs of wanting to get back together all the time, or only on occasion? If they do, they want you back; however, if they don't then they are not serious. It is important to know the difference to protect yourself from getting hurt.

Have You Discussed Feelings?
Have you and your ex taken the time to communicate about the feelings you might still have for each other? The only sure way to know what each person is experiencing is through communication. All relationships require trust and the ability to be open. Be sure to ask your ex exactly what their emotions are.

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Some relationships end and leave conflicts with an ex. For the person who has been dumped, there can be heartbreak and mixed feelings about an ex. Because of these feelings and can be hard to still communicate with your ex, or even have any desire to still be friends. This is quite a common feeling among many people, because not one person enjoys being hurt. If an ex is sending signals about wanting to remain friends, you may need to know what you should do in that type of situation.

Are You Being Used?
This is one of the most important questions you need to consider. If you have been hurt previously by an ex, it would not seem to make sense as to why your ex would want to still be friends. If they have hurt you once, there is the chance of being hurt again. Do not allow your ex to pretend to be your friend, and then hurt you once again.

More than half of breakups usually never lead to a friendship. Most people do not want to remain friends because of emotions that are still involved with an ex. If you attempted to be friends, things may feel awkward and certainly would not feel the same.

Sometimes it is more beneficial for you to accept that the relationship did not work out. If you are still interested in your ex, and they only want to be friends, this could make you feel confused. It is much better to leave things alone, then to pursue a friendship that could hurt you.

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Give Yourself Time
When all else fails, and you are not sure whether to remain friends with an ex, give yourself time. It is never a good idea to be friends, when there are still feelings involved. Take time to allow yourself to move on from the relationship, then decide.

Make Your Own Choices
Do not let your ex control your choice. If you do not think it is a good idea to be friends, than let them know. If you allow yourself to be pushed into something, you will only feel uncomfortable.

Lose Contact
Avoid having any contact with your ex. This does not mean you are being rude, or that you don't want to be friend. By staying in contact with your ex after a breakup, you do not give yourself time to heal. If you ex wants to be friends, he/she will understand.

Let your ex know that you are hurt from the relationship, and you need time. If you decide to be friends and end up getting hurt, it will be harder to let go of an ex. Make sure to let them know that the breakup is final. If you want to be friends, than you will be friends.

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You are obviously hurt and angry with your ex and want to take your sweet revenge by making him/her extremely jealous. Here are some great tips to help you out in your plan.

Show that you are enjoying being single
Let your ex see that you are completely enjoying your freedom on being single. Your ex will be very jealous when they find out that you are not moving around feeling sad or depressed, instead are excited and waiting to mingle, that you have freedom to make choices.

Rework on your appearance
Get out and buy new clothes that enhance your appearance and whenever you step out make sure you are looking your best, better than when you were with your ex. Your ex will be extremely frustrated seeing you unaffected and instead looking great. He/she may wonder if you are seeing someone and this makes them more jealous than ever.

Be seen socializing with your friends
Your ex is hoping that you are down and feeling miserable, prove him/her wrong by going out and socializing with your friends. Be cheerful and an exciting company so that you attract many guys/girls. This is bound to make your ex feel jealous, seeing that you have a great social life

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Flirt with a member of opposite sex
Go out with someone who looks better than your ex and flirt openly with him/her in front of your ex. You getting physically closer with your date, kissing him/her and so on will make your ex go crazy with the feeling of jealousy.

Find someone better than your ex
This is going to rile him/her no end when they see you with someone who is perfect in every way. Seeing you in the company of a smart and suave person is surely going to make your ex go green with envy.

Date his/her best friend
One of the ways to make your ex extremely jealous is to date their best friends. This tactic works because you are very much around and seeing you constantly with their best friend, imagining things you are doing with them makes your ex extremely angry and jealous.

Go on a trip with friends
You and your ex enjoyed your short breaks when you were together. Let your ex be aware that you are going on a trip with your new found friend. It is a perfect way to make your ex jealous because they will be left wondering about the things you do, having fun, and enjoying in romantic places.

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