Handmade rugs have become the most important accent for the interior design. Handmade carpets are woven on handlooms and available in various designs and sizes. Interior designers all over the world have discovered their tremendous versatility in style, colour, type, and size, and are using designer handmade rugs to define or enhance residential and commercial décor. There are so manybenefits of using a handmade carpet like provide safety, enhance the look of entire space, give a personal feel, absorb sound etc. This is the centrepiece or we can say that the soul of a home décor. The decoration of home will never be complete without using a handmade carpet. Handmade carpets are available in various sizes and designs so they can find all type of carpet easily. If you want to buy handmade carpet online then you can visit Rugs and Beyond. This is the best online store which provides free shipping worldwide. They have a huge collection of beautiful handmade rugs.

1)The rug is a foundation of a room: A handmade carpet is “One of kind” accessory which can create a beautiful atmosphere. The decoration of a room totally depends on the carpet because this is the most exclusive decorative accent. A room will never look outstanding if the accessories are not used accordingly. So if you have a rug then you can easily buy other accessories according to that and can also replace them (if those accessories are not fine) but if you want to buy a new rug then you should identify the theme of your room because it is not a thing which you can buy on daily basis. For example, if you have a rustic handmade carpet and you use a blue theme for the room then how will it look? So use the accessories for your room according to your carpet colour and design. The look of your entire space totally depends on the carpet. That’s why a rug is called the foundation of a room.

2)Rug lasts for a long time: Handmade carpets are woven on a handloom and this is totally hand woven technique. There is no use of electricity and machines. It is woven using knots and piles with pure natural materials. Due to the natural materials and interweaving technique, handmade carpets are highly durable. It can be used for one generation to other generations. That’s why this is called “lasts for a long time”. For providing comfort and giving a perfect look to a place interior designer’s use handmade carpets. This is also used for adding a personal touch and make memories or we can simply say that it is the best thing which can convert a house into a home.

3)Easier to decorate the home: A handmade carpet is totally hand- washable accessory and very easy to install. If you want to install a wallpaper for decorating your room wall or want to add marbles for enhancing the beauty of floor, it will take 1-10 days but handmade carpets are only a thing which you can install within one minute. If you quickly want to change the look of your home then place a handmade carpet on the floor or add a wall hanging carpet to the wall.

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