Today, a lot of people are fond of taking pets at home and one of the animals that they love to keep as a pet at home are cats. There are many reasons as to why these people are fond of keeping this feline friend at home. If you are interested in keeping cats then perhaps you might be interested to keep these fluffy cat breeds. What are these fluffy cat breeds? What are the characteristics and unique features of these fully cat breeds? What are the disadvantages of keeping these fluffy cat breeds? Get all the answers to these questions about the fluffy breed of cats by reading this article. This piece of writing will provide you some relevant information and useful facts that you need to know about the fluffy cat breeds.

What are the famous fluffy cat breeds?
Listed below are some of the most chosen fluffy breeds of cats. You may check each one of them out:

1. The Rag Doll Cat. The Rag doll cat is one of the most chosen fluffy cat breeds because this cat is known for being affectionate and friendly to the family members and also to the other pets at home. The rag doll cats are also considered to be an easy-going type of cat. In addition to that, the rag doll cat is also considered to have long body and they have sturdy boning. They posses gentle eyes and face with sweet expression thus making them even more lovable. This type of cat is quite and a very relaxed cat. They are very friendly especially to children to the extent that they do not get mad when being dressed up.

2. The Birman Cat. The Birman cat is considered to be one of the fluffy cat breeds. This type of cat is a medium to large sized cat. Many people love to have this type of cat at home because of its attractive physical features. The Birman cats are long -haired, pointed, and the fur is soft and silky. You need to understand that the thickness of fur of this type of fluffy cat breeds would always depend from season to season.

3. The Persian Cat. The Persian cat is also considered as one of the fluffy breed of cats that many people, especially children would love to keep as a pet at home. This cat is a medium to large muscular cat. They are lovable because of their long, fluffy and luxurious coat.

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