There are a lot of people who tend to snore during their sleep. This may be very disturbing to the person sleeping next to them or sleeping in the same room. Snoring is not exactly a disease condition or an ailment. It is a normal phenomenon which can happen with any body, even kids, and is mostly due to some physiological conditions of the body. Snoring can be a lot irritating to people who have to be present in the same room and hence it is necessary that the habit if snoring be controlled. There are a lot of theories suggesting the root cause of snoring. A lot of scientists have claimed that snoring occurs on account of the fact that a person is not getting adequate sleep. It has been estimated that people who snore tend to be suffering from a lot of stress and are under a lot of tension. And snoring is just one way of the body to let the person know that it is in a troubled state.

Understanding Why Do People Snore

Snoring may be a symptom of a sleep disorder, but just because you snore does not automatically mean you have one. It's averaged that anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent of the population snores at one time or another.

Scientists have worked out a way to classify different stages of snoring. A survey was conducted by
in which a number of participants were subjected to varied tests. Later, the different stages of snoring were confirmed to be the following:

• Primary stage snoring
• Obstructive Apnoea

While the first stage is just the onset of the problem, the second stage or type is more serious. Primary snoring can be caused by a number of factors. It can range from a common cold to an old sinus problem.

People who suffer from primary stage snoring disorder are subjected to temporary bouts of snoring which last for a few days. A lot of other reasons have been attributed to be the core reasons as to why snoring occurs. They include the enlargement of the tonsils and perennial nasal discomfort among other things. Scientists also suggest that if the area of the vocal chord in a person is small, it can result into a snoring disorder too.

The second stage of snoring on the other hand is quite serious and is believed to be caused by an underlying medical condition. As the name suggests, obstructive apnoea can be caused by an obstruction in the nasal passage which ultimately leads to the person not being able to breathe properly in his or her sleep. This can have a number of relative effects. The person may stand to gain a lot of weight due to the fact that he or she may not be getting enough sleep. Also, the person may feel lethargic and sleep all throughout the day. People suffering from cold or having a blockage of the nasal passage may be worst affected in this case.

Other factors have also been said to be causing problems of snoring in a lot of men. People who smoke may have this problem due to the fact that smoking causes the mucous glands to release unusual amounts of mucous into the nasal passage, thereby causing blockade.

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