Why do so many people have crystal ball readings? It often depends on how seriously a person takes their life. Some can be very laid back and leave it to luck to sort out their aspirations and problems - of course, those are usually the ones whose life never improves and gets worse or stays bad and unpromising. The person who truly wants things to get better or wants to do their best to maintain the quality of life they have already achieved is often found visiting a spiritualist, life coach, agony aunt, relationship expert, clairvoyant psychic medium or tarot reader to make sure that they can do this. The first step is to make sure the reader is someone who can really help, not leave it to chance that they have chosen the right person or consult dozens of people who could get it all wrong. The next step is to take notice of what they are told, listen properly, so that the person is really helping rather than just going through the motions. It is also very important that you take on board the bad news not just the bits that sound good and you act upon the bad bits by following any guidance that comes with the predictions and answers.

The crystal ball reader is excellent for these things so long as he or she is well versed in how to do it and right in how to do it. How do you know if they are doing it well? You use common sense in some of it - make sure they are properly registered and authenticated, not just listening to self praise and false promises, make sure they are a full time professional, not just another amateur wannabee, there are loads of them about and none of the ones I have ever come across have ever been worth speaking to, presumably because they do not get enough practice and do not take it seriously enough.

Whether you consult someone online or face to face depends on many things. You may be lucky enough to get someone good locally but most of us only have up to a handful of people within easy travelling distance and only about one percent are any good, so it is unlikely. Face to face is usually someone doing it part time as a hobby and that is usually because they do not want to spend money on a website and have not been accepted by pay pal or their bank to accept debit cards. Not because they prefer it, believe me face to face brings with it a lot of extra problems and hassles that online avoids, which is why the truly good and popular readers outgrow it soon and refuse to do it.


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Beth Shepherd clairvoyant medium psychic and tarot reader.