Generally, women with adenomyosis will complain of dysmenorrhea, heavy menstrual volume, anal distension, anemia, and so on. But it is rarely mentioned that "less menstruation". The main reason is that the amount of menstruation is just a prominent symptom of adenomyosis.

What is the reason that appears less menstrual volume?

First of all, to correct a point, the amount of menstruation, not your own think less. Each person judges the amount of menstruation, which is approximately estimated. The average menstrual volume is 20-60ml. Only less than 20ml can be called too little.

The amount of 5ml is almost equal to the amount of one sanitary napkin wet. Based on this, it can be estimated that the amount of 4 tampons is nearly 20ml. When it comes to menstruation, do not need a sanitary napkin, or drops appear, which is called too little.

Compared with excessive menstruation, in daily life, women who see a doctor are more worried about less menstruation because they think that menstruation is a detoxification process. This idea is not correct. The main components of menstruation are endometrial debris, cervical mucus, broken epithelium of the vagina, anticoagulant substances. Blood is a precious thing; it should not be lost.

There are many reasons for hypomenorrhea in adenomyosis

Endocrine factors. If the female hormone secretion is abnormal, it will lead to endometrial hyperplasia insufficient, can not reach the thickness of menstrual volume, and less menstruation, such as hyperprolactinemia polycystic ovary syndrome and other endocrine diseases. There is thyroid dysfunction will also cause a menstrual volume reduction and even amenorrhea.

Intrauterine adhesions caused by the intrauterine operation. Intrauterine adhesions are a common cause of decreased menstruation. A lot of uterine cavity operations will damage the endometrial basement layer, so that the loss of endometrium and affect menstrual volume, resulting in menstrual volume reduction. Typical uterine cavity operation: abortion, curettage, hysteroscopic surgery, and so on.

Some people are caused by endometrial tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is caused by endometritis and will destroy the functional layer of the endometrium. With the development of the disease, it may also invade the myometrium and even amenorrhea.

Hypomenorrhea is also associated with adolescent or perimenopausal, hypophyseal ovarian axis dysfunction, or ovarian dysfunction. Not only that, girls who love beauty excessively lose weight, especially dieting and taking medicine to lose weight, can also lead to menstrual reduction and even amenorrhea.

The reduction of the menstrual volume is also related to mood. Some girls have tremendous mental pressure, tension, and anxiety, leading to a decrease in menstrual volume. If you have a recent oral contraceptive, contraceptive ring, or surgery on the uterus, it can also lead to reduced menstruation.

What to do for less menstruation?

Therefore, there are many reasons for the decrease in menstrual volume. If you want to find out the cause, it is recommended to check the hormone six items, B-ultrasound, thyroid function, and if necessary, you need to do a hysteroscopy. After the examination, the patients need to get treatment according to the corresponding diseases. If it is adenomyosis, you can first choose a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as Fuyan Pill, safe and effective. If it is an endocrine condition, regulate endocrine. If it is related to contraceptives, consider using condoms instead.

After a series of examinations have failed to find the above abnormalities, do not be too nervous. Less menstruation, the impact on the body is not significant. It generally does not affect pregnancy, so women generally do not need special treatment unless the examination is confirmed to be caused by adenomyosis.

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