Whole TV series have been made about people who are unable to let go of anything, with some of these people finding it hard to get out of their own house. In this case, they will have an incredible amount of stuff in their house.

And the fact that TV programs have been created around this topic shows how common it is for people to hoard things. But while some people live in houses where they find it hard to move, there are going to be others who haven’t gone this far.

Stuff Everywhere

Even so, they might live in a house that is full of pictures and ornaments, with their not being a plain wall in sight. When I have watched parts of these programs or been into houses where there is a lot of stuff, I’ve often wondered how anyone could live in this way.

I find that it is a bit overwhelming to be somewhere that is full of so much stuff, and when every wall is covered, I have found it hard to think clearly. What is going on around me ends up filling my mind.

The Whole Idea

However, what came to mind was that if someone doesn’t want to think and they want to be distracted from themselves, this is going to be the perfect environment to live in. Their mind will end up being distracted by what is going on around them.

Their stuff is then there to keep what is going on within them at bay, and this is no different to what takes place when someone has a drinking problem, for instance. It’s a bit like how a cork will stop the liquid in a bottle from coming out.

Holding On

Therefore, the more stuff they have around them the better; if they started to get rid of their stuff, they might soon come into contact with parts of themselves that they haven’t come into contact with for many, many years. If they were to let go one thing, or a number of things, they could feel as though they are losing a part of themselves.

In reality, they will probably have been reminded of a time in their life when they experienced loss, and the grief that they experienced during this time will have been brought to the surface. But as they are unable to realise what has taken place, they will believe that letting go of something physical is what has caused them to experience pain – when it will have simply triggered what was already there.

Trying To Fill a Hole

Deep down they can feel empty and the stuff that they surround themselves with will allow them to feel whole. Thus, the last thing they will want to do is to face this pain, and this is then why they will come up with all kinds of reasons as to why they need it.

One thing they may say is that “they might need it in the future” and this is something that can be hard to deny. What this can also show is a lack of trust in the universe, as they are holding on out of the fear that what they need won’t be provided for them when they need it.

Final Thoughts

I would say that holding onto things we don’t need is a great way to stop ourselves from being able to grow emotionally and being able to move forward in life. The stuff that we own can either aid us or it can hold us back.

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