Why do people talk to themselves? It's not what you think..

How many people talk to themselves? As you’re reading this, you might even be saying to yourself, “Who me? I don’t talk to myself.”

There are those who think people who talk to themselves are crazy, but nothing could be further from the truth. People who talk to themselves are competitive and they are often trying to better themselves.

I think it's normal for a lot of people to talk to themselves, but that doesn't mean it's without potential problems. What if you talk to yourself at a high volume so everyone nearby can hear you? Do they think you're a little "off"? What if you start to like talking aloud to yourself more than you like to talk to other people? What if it becomes so bad, you don't know you're doing it? What if you start hearing people talking back? What if you start having dialogues with other voices? My point is that if you talk to yourself -- I do, especially when I'm looking for things I've misplaced or trying out a lead to something I'm writing -- keep an eye on what you say, when you say it, how loud, how frequent, etc. Don't let it become a runaway behavior. Don't let it start telling you what to do.

The most influential and frequent voice you hear is your inner-voice. It can work in your favor or against you, depending on what you listen to and act upon.

In accordance with popular urban legend, talking to yourself is supposedly the first tell-tale sign of impending insanity. If this were true, most of us would have been declared clinically insane by the time we turned five, as this is the age by which the majority of people begin engaging in out loud, self-directed speech.

The science of talking to yourself is one that is universally acknowledged but surprisingly under-researched. While we know that all people do in fact talk to themselves (you can stop lying now), modern science remains uncertain as to precisely how, why, and when this strange phenomenon first occurred.

15 Things People Who Talk To Themselves Will Understand

1. Always, always saying: "Oh, sorry, no. I was just talking to myself.

2. Giving your reflection pump-up speeches before work, school, or any social event.

3. Wearing headphones and pretending to be on the phone so you can talk to yourself as much as you want.

4. Not having headphones and looking like a total weirdo in public.

5. The joy that is talking to yourself while you're alone in the car (but pretending to have a conversation on speakerphone).

6. Never reading menus silently.

7. Going to the movies and saying something after every trailer during the previews.

8. When you have something you need to remember so you repeat it out loud to yourself.

9. Talking to yourself while you watch a movie alone.

10. Trying not to talk to yourself when you're around a new friend.

11. And then letting it loose once you get comfortable with them.

12. When your good friends know to not even ask, "Are you talking to me?" because they know you are probably talking to yourself.

13. Having good friends who will be the first to stick up for your self-talking ways

14. Talking to yourself, realizing you're talking to yourself, and then talking out loud about how you're talking to yourself.

15. And basically never being bored. Because there's always someone there to talk to!

People who talk to themselves are competitive and they are often trying to better themselves. I'm constantly talking to myself because when you do this you are coaching yourself. It's an opportunity to give yourself some constant, immediate, unfiltered feedback. You have access to yourself 24 hours a day. And the price is right.

Thank you so much Guys.

Stay Fit, Take Care & Keep Smiling :-)

God Bless !!

Kranti Gaurav

XLRI Jamshedpur

Author's Bio: 

Kranti Gaurav (Google Certified Digital Marketer) from XLRI Jamshedpur is the General Manager at Focus Digit (SPN of Amazon India), and was previously at Samsung Electronics, Aircel India, Karbonn Mobiles, LG Electronics, Reliance Communication. Kranti is also the author of Adopting Good Habits for a Better Work Life Balance, and is writing his second novel. Follow him on Twitter at @krantigaurav.