When it comes to PID, which is short for pelvic inflammatory disease, many married females may had a long contact with it. Women with sexually transmitted diseases are at high risk of getting this disease. In fact, in many cases, some unmarried women are suspected of having pelvic inflammatory disease after undergoing physical examination.

So what causes it?

1. Paying too less attention to menstrual hygiene

A woman who is menstruating is actually very fragile. There is blood flow during menstruation, which can make the whole reproductive system in a half-exposed state. If there are some external bacteria at the same time, they will go up with blood and reach the pelvic cavity, causing pelvic inflammation eventually. If you don't pay attention to your personal hygiene during your period, you are likely to develop pelvic inflammatory disease.

In addition, the bacteria in your vagina can get into chaos sometimes, which may also lead to pelvic inflammation. So keeping yourself clean is important anyway. You should take a regular bath and wash your clothes frequently.

2. Intestinal flora infection

Due to bad diet in daily life, many unmarried female friends may have appendicitis. When a rupture occurs, the appendix will be suggested to removed. Sometimes there is an inconspicuous inflammation in the appendix, which will make intestinal flora invade the pelvic cavity stealthily. When your have a rupture in the appendix, you pelvic cavity may been been infected.

Many diseases are physiologically related and may affect each other. So to some extent, appendicitis can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. Female friends should pay attention to diet and protect their intestines and stomach, avoiding more physiology-related diseases.

3. Low immunity

Immunity is like the army of a country. A strong immune system can withstand foreign enemies very well. If you have low immunity, germs that get into your reproductive system can't be completely wiped out, resulting in inflammation eventually. Low immunity may be a congenital problem, or it's caused by malnutrition. So female friends need to eat more vegetables and fruits, and do more exercise in spare time.

If you are diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease, you should seek treatment in time. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic can effectively treat PID, which has a good effect on eliminating bacteria and improving menstruation. For married women, they should pay more attention to healthy sexual life. For unmarried women, developing good living habits and eating habits should be embedded in their mind.

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